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May 11-13,2020
May 11-13, 2020 | Chicago, IL
May 11-13,2020<br>Chicago,IL
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Why Rubrik

Multi-Cloud Data Control

We provide a powerful, policy-driven platform to simplify recovery and unlock insights from data residing in the data center and cloud.



Stop managing backups. Use one policy-based solution for on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud.

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Minimize business downtime from ransomware with ML-driven detection and instant recoveries.

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Discover your riskiest data. Automate data classification to support data privacy regulations.

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Archive and migrate data to the cloud securely. Search the cloud. Recover on-demand.

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Our Unique Approach

Transform Backup Data into a Business Asset

With Rubrik, backup data doesn’t sit idle.

With Rubrik, backup data doesn’t sit idle.

We harness metadata into a universal ledger, intelligently capturing insights on data changes, user permissions, and access activity.

Our data management applications exploit this proprietary metadata framework to address governance, compliance, data privacy regulations, ransomware activity, and cloud mobility.

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With Rubrik, backup data doesn’t sit idle.


Drive More Value from Your Data

  • One solution to automate on-prem and cloud-native protection policies. Deliver instant RTOs for VMs, Oracle, SQL, and second-level RPOs for VMs.

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    “Rubrik allows us to conduct reports and audits from a centralized interface which is important as we align our backup policies worldwide. It gives us flexibility to accommodate our ever-changing business needs in the future.”

    Fabrice De Biasio

    CIO, ASL

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  • Pre-built integrations and user-friendly resources mean seamless integrations with existing automation frameworks.

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    “We took a complex process of restoring a VM with multiple teams involved, and simplified that down using Rubrik’s integration with ServiceNow. A couple clicks of a button, and the engineers can restore a complete VM.”

    Sean Donaldson

    CTO, Secure-24

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  • Securely move and manage your cloud data. Convert VMs to cloud-native formats for test/dev. Recover on-demand.

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    "We were looking for the ability to use as much of the cloud as we could and Rubrik fit that bill."

    Cate Fagan

    CIO, Bioverativ (Sanofi)

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  • Discover sensitive content within your backup data. Get started with no additional infrastructure and no production impact.

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    "Rubrik assists with PCI-DSS compliance efforts without risking fines, dedicating multiple resources, and freeing up our employees for outcome-based value-add work."

    Kevin Mortimer

    Head of Operations, University of Reading

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  • Subscribe to simplicity, migrate licenses to the cloud, and refresh your appliances at no additional costs with Rubrik Go.

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    "Rubrik Go is not just another pricing program; it’s a holistic go-to-market strategy that allows us to future proof our Rubrik investment in the cloud era with just one easy-to-manage subscription.”

    Rich Talaber

    Chief Technology Officer, Public Consulting Group

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Customer Spotlight

Why Enterprises Use Rubrik

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  • 80% Reduction in Backup Management

  • 90% Faster Restores

  • Seamless Archival to Microsoft Azure

“Our increase in productivity post-Rubrik allowed our team to develop and launch a new internal application that will help perform that manual check electronically, allowing us to not only report on that data, but also get our staff back on the floor with guests faster.”

Janette Smrcka

IT Director

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  • 52% TCO Savings

  • 3x Faster Restores

  • Millions Saved in case of an attack

“Because the cargo airline industry is a common target for ransomware attacks, it’s incredibly difficult for airlines to get cyber insurance. If we did not have Radar, we would not have been approved for a cyber insurance contract.”

Fabrice De Biasio


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  • 33% TCO Savings

  • 60% Management Time Savings

  • 6x Faster Backup Performance

“Rubrik was up and running right out of the box and auto-discovered our entire environment. We simply set out SLAs with a few swipes and clicks, and Rubrik took care of the rest.”

Neil Smith

Head of IT Infrastructure

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  • 90% Faster Recoveries

  • 90% Management Time Savings

  • $100k Immediate Hard Savings

“With Rubrik, it only took 36 hours to migrate our entire infrastructure, around 2,000 virtual machines, into AWS S3.”

Dave Vassall

Systems Analyst


Don’t Backup. Go Forward.

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