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Rubrik -  - Data Protection Is Not Just for Compliance

Data Protection Is Not Just for Compliance

Technology permeates all aspects of our lives in such a seamless manner that it is easy to underestimate our reliance on it. As consumers, we’ve all been inconvenienced by the words, “I’m sorry, we can’t do anything right now–our computers are down.” But for a business, this disruption is far more than an inconvenience. A Business Held Hostage On the evening of March 19th, 2016, the owner of Hard Times Café in Bethesda, MD, began having problems with their point of sale (POS) system. The following morning, they discovered that their POS system had been compromised by ransomware. They would have to pay $10,000 in Bitcoin for the release of their encrypted files. When the team contacted the FBI, they were told to pay or rebuild their system since the agency was overwhelmed with ransomware cases. The restaurant was closed for seven days before being able to reopen. Your Data Is Your Business Underestimating the necessity of a reliable backup solution can be a financial disaster for large companies, but it can be fatal for smaller ones. During the seven days that Hard Times Café was closed, their three dozen full- and part-time employees went without pay, and the business generated no revenue. In addition,…
Rubrik -  - Isolated Recovery & Ransomware: Cost vs. Value

Isolated Recovery & Ransomware: Cost vs. Value

Has a vendor been talking to you about Isolated Recovery recently? Or have you been thinking about duplicating and air gapping your backup systems with scheduled updates to protect against ransomware? Could there be a less expensive, less complex way to achieve similar benefits? Let’s dive into these ideas to explore the concept and limitations of Isolated Recovery–and where Rubrik can help. What is Isolated Recovery? From a network perspective, the concept of air gapping isn’t new. Simply put, there’s physical isolation between two networks – most commonly a secured and an unsecured network. While Isolated Recovery shares this “physical isolation” characteristic, it is built on the concept of having a separate data center infrastructure that is disconnected from the primary infrastructure via an air gap. In the case of Isolated Recovery, the air gap is closed on a regular schedule for replication updates. Think of this as being similar to the operational overhead of a DR infrastructure. In theory, if your files are encrypted by ransomware, there is complete surety that your air-gapped data isn’t affected and is available for restore. Is there a real benefit? You might already be thinking about update schedules. What if the ransomware isn’t detected…