Rubrik -  - Hello Nutanix, Let’s Elevate Data Protection

Hello Nutanix, Let’s Elevate Data Protection

Hyperconverged infrastructure has been trending in the data center. CIOs like the ROI of eliminating infrastructure layers, while IT managers and engineers are drawn to consumer-like usability, rich automation, and simplified management experience for building and operating a modern environment. Let’s say you simplified your primary environment with a hyperconverged solution like Nutanix.  It wouldn’t make much sense to hitch it to a legacy data protection solution. Best case, managing your data protection could be more work than managing your primary environment. Worst case, your data protection could impact application performance on your new environment. This is the quandary facing customers considering hyperconverged infrastructure. It makes perfect sense that Rubrik teamed up with Nutanix via their Elevate Partner Program. Rubrik’s r300 Series is now a validated, Nutanix Ready solution for backup and disaster recovery. Customers can confidently deploy our joint solution for VMware vSphere while benefiting from immediate infrastructure reduction, easy and rapid deployment, and web-scale architecture. One of our joint customers, Matthew Day at Langs Building Supplies, said it best, “Nutanix and Rubrik are complementary technologies. Both are rock solid scale-out platforms that allow IT to drive business outcomes. Together, they destroy the complexity barrier, allowing us to focus on what we really…
Rubrik -  - Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Object-Level Recovery

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Object-Level Recovery

In the last few weeks, Kenny covered how we’ve designed Rubrik to eliminate the effects of VMware application stun and JB covered why we built our own VSS Provider to take application-consistent snapshots. In this post, I’ll wrap up the app consistency series by discussing our object-level search and recovery capabilities.Maintaining application and data consistency in data protection requires a “three-layer cake” design. The base layer is our Converged Data Management platform, the next layer is the application tier, and the frosting and sprinkles are the objects/messages/files that are embedded inside the application and database. Maintaining application and data consistency in data protection requires a “three-layer cake” design. The base layer is our Converged Data Management platform, the next layer is the application tier, and the frosting and sprinkles are the objects/messages/files that are embedded inside the application and database. Our platform features a Distributed Task Framework, an engine that assigns and executes data across the cluster in a fault tolerant and efficient manner. It ensures all tasks are load balanced across the cluster and distributed to the nodes that contain the relevant data. This allows us to handle the ingestion of data across multiple nodes in parallel. Adding more nodes…
Rubrik -  - Getting Physical: Rubrik Announces Support for Physical Linux

Getting Physical: Rubrik Announces Support for Physical Linux

Today, at Day 2 of Pure//Accelerate, we’re excited to announce support of physical Linux on the Rubrik Converged Data Management platform! Over the last few months, our enterprise customers have asked us to extend our next-gen platform to protect physical Linux servers. This broadens the set of virtual and physical data sources supported on Rubrik. Earlier in February, we announced support for physical SQL to be released in 2016. You can check out the physical SQL demo originally shown at Tech Field Day 10 here. This product announcement allows us to deliver a set of unique benefits to file servers, web servers, database servers, and legacy Linux apps, including: Policy Automation: You can manage physical infrastructure through our dead-simple SLA policy engine. Just specify the retention and frequency required for data protection and whether replication and/or archival should be enabled. You craft the policy and the engine automates execution of data protection for instant on- and off-site recovery. Distributed Savings and Efficiencies: Rubrik is designed as a distributed architecture that linearly scales, with no limitations. Since the system is a single namespace, data services like deduplication and compression scale in-line with cluster size. Instant Data Access: Rubrik gives you near-zero…
Rubrik -  - Pure Rubrik Goodness

Pure Rubrik Goodness

As Pure//Accelerate approaches, one of my favorite aspects of winning solutions comes to mind. It’s a virtue that transforms products into MVPs, rather than the drama generators so common on the court and in the field. What is it? Simplicity Businesses have enough knobs and pain points with tier-1 Oracle/SAP deployments and SQL, SharePoint and Exchange farms. The last thing they need is for storage and data protection to jump on the pile. That’s why enterprises need Pure Storage and Rubrik. From the ground up, Pure and Rubrik have simplicity in their DNA. If you have a FlashArray on the floor, then you already know the freedom and ease it brings to storage infrastructure. Gone are the days of tweaking with RAID sets or tuning LUNs to squeeze out a few performance points. With a few cables and a vSphere plugin, Pure serves up datastores and gets out of the way. Rubrik brings the same unobtrusive value to data protection and is the perfect pairing to Pure. From rack & go to policy-driven automation to instant recovery, Rubrik drives straight to the point and with beautiful simplicity.Rack & Go Rack & Go The first thing that stands out with Rubrik is its lean footprint–it doesn’t eat…
Rubrik -  - New vRealize Orchestrator Workflows for Enhancing Your Rubrik Experience

New vRealize Orchestrator Workflows for Enhancing Your Rubrik Experience

One of my favorite topics of discussion is hearing how folks are embracing the world of Rubrik’s Converged Data Management to tie in our RESTful APIs with other systems for end-to-end automation. One such system is VMware’s vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) which was released as a community focused project on Flowgrab over half a year ago. Since then, we’ve added a lot more to the product across two major releases, such as replication, new form factors, and a plethora of user experience enhancements. This has a direct correlation on our API maturity in terms of functionality, available resources, and what can be done to the data protection fabric. I’m here to share the next evolution of our vRO Plugin. Our very own Matt Altimar, who has over a decade of experience as a Senior Server Administrator building and maintaining large enterprise data centers, has constructed a new open source project on GitHub with a ton of new Rubrik workflows. These are all compatible with release 2.0 of our product and sync up nicely with a vRO deployment. If you’re looking to expose workflows like SLA Domain assignment, on-demand backups, mount removal, and much more – you have to check out this project! Getting started…
Rubrik -  - Restoring Entire Virtual Machines in 6 Seconds with Rubrik’s Instant Recovery Technologies

Restoring Entire Virtual Machines in 6 Seconds with Rubrik’s Instant Recovery Technologies

Data protection is an insurance policy used to guard against loss, corruption, and failure. Because of this, I’ve often said that the true measure of any backup solution is the ability to restore data. After all, backups that can’t be restored aren’t really worth that much to you and your team, right? There are a number of quantifiable methods for putting your eyeball on the ease of a restore, with search time, recovery time, and overall simplicity of the workflow coming to mind. The amount of moving parts involved to restore data have a direct and exponential effect on restore times. Because most all solutions require combining disparate storage and software together, many of the top solutions in the Gartner Magic Quadrant require 10 – 30 minutes to restore pieces of data. This is measure from the start of the request to the end of the workflow. That seems like an incredibly long time and there are a number of reasons for it. Other solutions have to hydrate data, transfer it from one media to another, and are using write-optimized storage volumes for restores (this doesn’t work very well). Enter Rubrik: a converged data management stack that uses a combination of flash…
Rubrik -  - Open Source vRealize Orchestrator Plugin Released

Open Source vRealize Orchestrator Plugin Released

Converged Data Management is built upon five significant features, one of which is the concept of an API-Driven Architecture. I’m a firm believer that open and published APIs will rule the world, seeing as how they enable the ecosystem at large to extract enhanced value from a solution. With Rubrik, it means that data residing within the r300 Hybrid Cloud Appliance or the public and private archive can be further leveraged to bring about incredibly useful answers to irritating enterprise challenges.But don’t take my word for it. Two senior architects at AHEAD – a consulting practice in Chicago that focuses on hybrid cloud, data center infrastructure, and enterprise service management – have created something rather unique in a very short time span. They have crafted an open source vRealize Orchestrator plugin for Rubrik Converged Data Management using our 1.0 release APIs. Nick Colyer and Eric Shanks, the dynamic duo responsible for this snazzy contribution to the community, are writing a series of blog posts that discuss vRealize Orchestrator, RESTful APIs, and how they went about creating the code. Kudos, gentlemen! vRealize Orchestrator (vRO, formerly vCenter Orchestrator) is an important part of the vSphere equation and doesn’t seem to get the…
Rubrik -  - Unlimited Replication with Rubrik 2.0

Unlimited Replication with Rubrik 2.0

Today we announced Rubrik 2.0, which is packed with exciting new features. I’ve been working in the storage industry for the past 16 years, the majority of time spent working on backup and DR solutions for companies. This isn’t my first rodeo–I’ve seen a lot, advised a lot of customers in how to architect their backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. Needless to say, I haven’t been this thrilled for a long time—our engineers are building something truly innovative that will simplify how recovery is done on-site or off-site for the better. Why is Rubrik Converged Data Management 2.0 so interesting? Our 2.0 release is anchored by Unlimited Replication. There are no limits to how many snapshot replicas you can have. There is zero impact on your production systems as replication occurs since this isn’t array-based replication. This is asynchronous, deduplicated, masterless, SLA driven replication that can be deployed any way you like, many-to-one, many-to-many, one-to-one, uni-directionally or bi-directionally. In the past, replication has always been engineered with a master-slave architecture in mind because systems have always had an active-passive view of control. Our Converged Data Management platform is fundamentally a distributed architecture that allows you to share nothing, but do…

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