Rubrik -  - Introducing Crystal, Rubrik’s Intuitive User Interface

Introducing Crystal, Rubrik’s Intuitive User Interface

Rubrik reinvented data management with the user in mind. By approaching data management from a user’s perspective, we’ve distilled a complex process into a click or swipe. Setup a policy to backup data from multiple sources with a user experience similar to an iPhone. Create a replication and archival schedule to public or private cloud in 30 seconds. Recover entire virtual machines, databases, and files instantly. This is end-to-end data management. Simplified. The Consumer Experience of Enterprise Crystal is Rubrik’s intuitive data management platform that makes all of the above scenarios a reality. It transforms complicated enterprise backup, disaster recovery, data archival, and copy data management workflows from a burden to a joy. One of the reasons we built Rubrik was to bring a consumer-grade experience to enterprise software. To provide the simplicity, easy of use, and pain free delight of popular consumer products, such as Facebook, Google, and Dropbox, we created a team composed of engineers from both consumer and enterprise, including the builders of Google Maps, Apple iOS, and Box.What is Crystal? What is Crystal? Crystal is composed of two principal components: the Crystal UI and Crystal REST API. The Crystal UI focuses on building products with usability…
Rubrik -  - Cloud Data Management Gets Edge-ier

Cloud Data Management Gets Edge-ier

Two months ago, we announced the Early Access program for Rubrik Firefly, a major release that extended data management from virtual to physical workloads, across clouds, and to edge environments. Rubrik Edge, a software appliance built for remote and branch offices (ROBO), now stretches Cloud Data Management capabilities—like automated backup, replication to headquarters, cloud archival—to the far-flung corners of our customers’ businesses. While lightweight in form factor, Edge represents a significant step towards our vision of a single, software fabric that spans across clouds, is packed with rich data services, and delivers “applications” across the entire data lifecycle. Edge quickly deploys as a software appliance within a virtualized environment. It’s easy to manage, using the same consumer-grade HTML5-based interface that powers our r300/r500 appliance series. If a VM fails or a file is lost, you can deliver quick recoveries expedited by our global real-time search. Furthermore, we incorporate capabilities to save you time and money: Policy-based Management: Quickly assign SLA policies to your VMs with just a click. Create your own SLA policies by selecting desired snapshot capture frequency, retention duration, and data policy (store on-site, to a central site, or in the cloud). It takes just a simple swipe to…
Rubrik -  - Security 101: What Security Really Means For Data Management

Security 101: What Security Really Means For Data Management

Data security is not a new priority for enterprises. In earlier blog posts, we discussed the rising threat of ransomware and how a next-gen data management solution prevented a ransomware attack. Given the exponential growth of data and increasing trend in data breaches, it is imperatives that businesses apply the highest security standards to all their data. However, the concept of security is often confounded in the context of data management. To clarify the important terms, components, and their implications for data security within enterprise backup and recovery, I sat down with Adam Goldberg, who leads product development for Rubrik’s security solutions. Adam comes from a security background with previous experience at the Department of Defense.Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) FIPS 140-2 is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules. It is often a requirement for a product to be installed in a location where sensitive data is stored. The FIPS 140-2 standard extends far beyond the federal government. For example, financial and healthcare institutions collect, store, and transfer highly sensitive information that needs to be secured. While FIPS 140-2 features four levels of security, only Level…
Rubrik -  - 3 Things to Know About Rubrik and Cloudian

3 Things to Know About Rubrik and Cloudian

Zero Setup, Instant Access, and Lower TCO With Rubrik, your data is always “on” even when it’s tucked away in an archive tier, such as public cloud storage, on-site object stores, and NFS. We’re excited to team up with Cloudian, provider of Amazon S3-compatible on-site object storage. Cloudian offers HyperStore, software that transforms commodity servers into scalable and fault tolerant object stores. Together, Rubrik and Cloudian simplify how enterprises manage backup and long-term data retention in hybrid cloud environments. A backup and archival strategy that stands strong in the face of unstoppable data growth and external/internal compliance regulations requires instant data accessibility, ease of scale, dead simple management, and economics that don’t break the company piggy bank. As you evaluate options to modernize backup and archival, here are three key things to know about Rubrik and Cloudian. Get started quickly. There’s no additional software installations or plugins necessary to connect Rubrik with Cloudian. Just set your target archival location to Cloudian. Define your archival policy in the same place where you define your backup policy. Move a slider to determine when data should be archived off the Brik (Rubrik appliance) and off you go. Get instant, intelligent access to data.…
Rubrik -  - Let’s Talk About Security

Let’s Talk About Security

Today, Rubrik announced the r528, the industry’s first security-enhanced converged data management appliance. So, let’s talk about security. Not just the kind that you set in place to keep your actual devices safe, but also what you do to protect the data on them. All of your data. Including your backups. Remember when one of the largest regional banks in the United States “lost” computer back-up tapes containing personal information including social security numbers and bank account information for over 260,000 of its customers? That was in 2012. With the amount of digital data generated annually projected to grow to 44 ZB (1 zettabyte = 1 trillion gigabytes) by 2020¹, and a growing trend in data breaches, it is even more imperative to apply the highest security standards to all of our data, even backups. Often times we think of data security as something applied to the information generated via transactions. We encrypt data in-flight to ensure data is secure against eavesdropping or manipulation as it travels across a network. We even put in place checks on data in our primary systems to ensure the data we really care about can’t be hacked into. What about data that’s been backed…
Rubrik -  - Hello Nutanix, Let’s Elevate Data Protection

Hello Nutanix, Let’s Elevate Data Protection

Hyperconverged infrastructure has been trending in the data center. CIOs like the ROI of eliminating infrastructure layers, while IT managers and engineers are drawn to consumer-like usability, rich automation, and simplified management experience for building and operating a modern environment. Let’s say you simplified your primary environment with a hyperconverged solution like Nutanix.  It wouldn’t make much sense to hitch it to a legacy data protection solution. Best case, managing your data protection could be more work than managing your primary environment. Worst case, your data protection could impact application performance on your new environment. This is the quandary facing customers considering hyperconverged infrastructure. It makes perfect sense that Rubrik teamed up with Nutanix via their Elevate Partner Program. Rubrik’s r300 Series is now a validated, Nutanix Ready solution for backup and disaster recovery. Customers can confidently deploy our joint solution for VMware vSphere while benefiting from immediate infrastructure reduction, easy and rapid deployment, and web-scale architecture. One of our joint customers, Matthew Day at Langs Building Supplies, said it best, “Nutanix and Rubrik are complementary technologies. Both are rock solid scale-out platforms that allow IT to drive business outcomes. Together, they destroy the complexity barrier, allowing us to focus on what we really…
Rubrik -  - Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Object-Level Recovery

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Object-Level Recovery

In the last few weeks, Kenny covered how we’ve designed Rubrik to eliminate the effects of VMware application stun and JB covered why we built our own VSS Provider to take application-consistent snapshots. In this post, I’ll wrap up the app consistency series by discussing our object-level search and recovery capabilities.Maintaining application and data consistency in data protection requires a “three-layer cake” design. The base layer is our Converged Data Management platform, the next layer is the application tier, and the frosting and sprinkles are the objects/messages/files that are embedded inside the application and database. Maintaining application and data consistency in data protection requires a “three-layer cake” design. The base layer is our Converged Data Management platform, the next layer is the application tier, and the frosting and sprinkles are the objects/messages/files that are embedded inside the application and database. Our platform features a Distributed Task Framework, an engine that assigns and executes data across the cluster in a fault tolerant and efficient manner. It ensures all tasks are load balanced across the cluster and distributed to the nodes that contain the relevant data. This allows us to handle the ingestion of data across multiple nodes in parallel. Adding more nodes…
Rubrik -  - Getting Physical: Rubrik Announces Support for Physical Linux

Getting Physical: Rubrik Announces Support for Physical Linux

Today, at Day 2 of Pure//Accelerate, we’re excited to announce support of physical Linux on the Rubrik Converged Data Management platform! Over the last few months, our enterprise customers have asked us to extend our next-gen platform to protect physical Linux servers. This broadens the set of virtual and physical data sources supported on Rubrik. Earlier in February, we announced support for physical SQL to be released in 2016. You can check out the physical SQL demo originally shown at Tech Field Day 10 here. This product announcement allows us to deliver a set of unique benefits to file servers, web servers, database servers, and legacy Linux apps, including: Policy Automation: You can manage physical infrastructure through our dead-simple SLA policy engine. Just specify the retention and frequency required for data protection and whether replication and/or archival should be enabled. You craft the policy and the engine automates execution of data protection for instant on- and off-site recovery. Distributed Savings and Efficiencies: Rubrik is designed as a distributed architecture that linearly scales, with no limitations. Since the system is a single namespace, data services like deduplication and compression scale in-line with cluster size. Instant Data Access: Rubrik gives you near-zero…
Rubrik -  - Pure Rubrik Goodness

Pure Rubrik Goodness


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