Rubrik -  - Bringing Flexibility and Choice to the Rubrik SDK for PowerShell

Bringing Flexibility and Choice to the Rubrik SDK for PowerShell

Rubrik prides itself on delivering an API-first architecture in which anything that can be done within the user interface can also be accomplished through an API request. This design brings flexibility to our customers, extending Rubrik Cloud Data Management functionality directly into their automation workflows, offering them choice around how they would like to consume Rubrik. We’ve taken this approach one step further by providing the ability to customize exactly how our PowerShell module acts and performs. Customers can now take advantage of module options and default parameter values with the addition of a user-based options file utilized by the module. Let’s dive into each option available. Default Parameter Values Customers can now define default values to any of the parameters within SDK by using these new cmdlets: Get-RubrikModuleDefaultParameter Set-RubrikModuleDefaultParameter Remove-RubrikModuleDefaultParameter These default values are then applied globally across all the PowerShell module cmdlets. For example, the PrimaryClusterId  parameter is present on a wide range of cmdlets within the Rubrik SDK. Rather than constantly providing this value manually during cmdlet execution, a default value could be sent automatically by executing the following code: Set-RubrikModuleDefaultParameter -ParameterName PrimaryClusterId -ParameterValue “local” As shown below, once set, the local value will be sent to…