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Rubrik - Blog - Helping Customers with Their Cloud Journey


Helping Customers with Their Cloud Journey

There was a time not so long ago when adopting the public cloud was considered too big of a risk for the enterprise. Today, enterprises are seeing public cloud vendors as strategic partners and exploring new ways to leverage the innovation, agility, and scale of providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Tim Carr explains how enterprises are embracing the public cloud in a phased approach in this Gestalt IT blog post.  Source: Can a Backup Appliance Really Help your Enterprise Cloud Strategy? – Part 2 These cloud journey phases often look like this: Phase 1: Leverage basic public cloud services that require minimal changes to current workloads or processes. Phase 2: Build out an infrastructure using public cloud resources for new workloads or migrating existing on-premises workloads. Phase 3: Refactor applications to take advantage of public cloud scale and innovations, including more advanced public cloud services. Rubrik was born in the cloud era providing a web-scale platform from day one. Our very first product natively integrated with AWS with a hybrid-cloud operating model, and we’re taking that journey with you. The platform use cases expand as you move up the pyramid of phases in Tim’s diagram…
Rubrik - Blog - The Day 2 Opportunity for DBAs

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The Day 2 Opportunity for DBAs

With the rising demand for automation, speedy development cycles, and cloud, the role of the DBA is changing. As businesses drive towards digital transformation, DBAs have an opportunity to expand their value beyond data managers into data stewards who help innovate how organizations interact with, store, and protect information. However, although modernization provides benefits that are clear to most enterprises, it also generates additional–and often unrealized burdens–for DBAs as they face an increase in workload and the need for an evolved skillset. The questions for many DBAs have become, “How can I build a skill set that extends beyond on-premises, across multiple clouds, and beyond?  How can I add value to the data I manage and protect?” Opportunities for the New World Being a modern DBA requires a complete overhaul of traditional operations. This blog post will explore the opportunities you have as a DBA to automate key Day 2 operations, freeing up time to focus on more strategic work that will allow you to transition from a database mechanic into a data steward in the new world. On-premises Automation As a modern-day DBA, you are still asked to optimize and protect the systems you manage, but now you also…
Rubrik - Blog - Sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit for Every Stage of Your Cloud Journey


Sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit for Every Stage of Your Cloud Journey

FORWARD Digital Summit, a fully-virtual experience on May 11, features a number of technical sessions from the cloud era’s boldest thinkers and technologists. As forward-thinking enterprises have moved to the cloud over the years, we find customers at various points in their journey –  from those balancing hundreds of workloads in complex, multi-cloud environments to those who are just now laying the groundwork for cloud mobility. No matter where you are in your multi-cloud journey, the FORWARD Digital Summit has a session for you: You: Curious about the first steps your organization can take to mobilize to the cloud The session: Workload Mobility from Zero to Any Cloud Customers can be overwhelmed with the complexity of workload mobility and migration – understanding networking requirements, workload dependencies, choosing hybrid or multi-cloud destinations, and deciding if applications should be refactored can often stall or drag out strategic cloud projects. In this session, Emad Younis, Staff Cloud Architect at VMware, will dive into how to create your workload mobility passport, key considerations when migrating workloads, and leveraging tooling. You: Trying to unify management across a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The session: How to Use Rubrik to Protect All of Your Cloud Workloads [Register…
Rubrik - Blog - Now In Rubrik: Enhanced Performance, Flexibility, and Compliance for Enterprise Environments


Now In Rubrik: Enhanced Performance, Flexibility, and Compliance for Enterprise Environments

As enterprises continue to search for ways to leverage and unlock new value from their data, IT teams face a new set of challenges. A surge in data silos, data growth, and multiple protection tools have increased complexity and risk for data protection. With time-consuming management and costly maintenance, legacy backup and recovery solutions can be roadblocks for IT teams to ensure agility and business continuity.  That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Rubrik Andes 5.2, which helps enterprises modernize data protection and management across on-prem, edge, and cloud environments. Our newest enhancements and features help customers improve performance, and facilitate security and compliance while minimizing complexity at enterprise scale. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Rubrik Andes 5.2: Blazingly Fast VMware performance Rubrik Andes 5.2 introduces VMware multi-node data streaming, improving backup speed by up to 5x for large, multi-terabyte VMs. For VMware vSphere, our latest enhancements improve backup and restore speed by up to 3x for any size VM. Now resilient to network glitches, Rubrik helps ensure your VMware backup or recovery is completed faster than ever with embedded resiliency. The release also introduces the ability to restore from an archived VMware VM to any VMware VM.  Flexible…
Rubrik - Blog - How Rubrik Andes 5.2 Empowers DBAs With Flexible Recovery Options


How Rubrik Andes 5.2 Empowers DBAs With Flexible Recovery Options

Databases are at the heart of the data management strategy for all enterprises. This is because critical applications are built and hosted on databases—both relational and non-relational—so any downtime on databases has a direct impact on the company’s revenue. At Rubrik, we are committed to delivering value to our customers by simplifying their data management strategies across all environments. That’s why Rubrik Andes 5.2, our latest product release, delivers multiple enhancements and capabilities for Oracle databases that provide even more power and flexibility to DBAs. Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management (CDM) platform delivers enterprise-grade protection and DevOps-centric automation for Oracle databases, enabling customers to automatically backup their Oracle database workloads and leverage flexible recovery options in the event of database failure. This allows DBAs to devote their precious time to other demanding tasks without worrying about database backups or relinquishing restore control.  Rubrik’s data management solution for Oracle is built around recovery scenarios that DBAs perform on a day-to-day basis.  Clone Cloning is the most obvious use case for DBAs in terms of using the existing database backups. DBAs frequently clone critical production data and create clones that are used for testing and developing new applications. The Clone option (originally known…