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Rubrik - Blog - Rubrik Named to LinkedIn Top Startups List


Rubrik Named to LinkedIn Top Startups List

Today, we are thrilled to be named to the 2020 LinkedIn Top Startups list, which recognizes the 50 most sought-after companies to work for in the U.S. The list is determined by the actions of over 170 million LinkedIn users and focuses on factors such as employee growth, company and employee engagement, job seeker interest, and the ability to attract top talent. This marks the fourth year in a row that Rubrik has been included on the LinkedIn Top Startups list and reflects our commitment to building an open, rewarding corporate culture. Despite all the challenges this year presented, we’re grateful that the team has come together to successfully transition and support each other. Our goal is to ensure that a sense of community is still front and center by offering open board meetings, learning opportunities, charity events, and more. Even in this remote, distributed environment, we’ve extended our efforts to build Rubrik as a place that excites and challenges all of our employees. Here are some of the biggest highlights: Employee Empowerment: Now more than ever, it is important for teams to stay connected and feel a sense of purpose and belonging. One of the biggest contributions has been…
Rubrik - Blog - Introducing Cloud-Native Protection for Google Cloud Platform


Introducing Cloud-Native Protection for Google Cloud Platform

Rubrik was built from the ground up for the cloud. Empowering the data-forward enterprise has always been part of our DNA, and it’s clear that the cloud has a critical role for organizations looking to uncap new value and use cases with their exploding amount of data–all while driving operational efficiency. Rubrik started its cloud protection journey with its cloud-native support for AWS and Azure, and today we’re thrilled to announce that Rubrik’s Polaris Cloud-Native Protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now generally available! “Rubrik’s collaboration with Google Cloud introduces a rich new cloud backup service to support native GCP workloads,” said Manvinder Singh, Director IaaS/PaaS Partnerships, Google Cloud. “Delivered as a service and driven by a suite of APIs, the solution leverages the simplicity and SLA policy tenets that are foundational to Rubrik’s offerings. As more enterprises migrate their workloads to GCP, this solution will deliver tremendous value to our joint customers.” Cloud Is Hard When designing Polaris Cloud-Native Protection for GCP, our approach focused on solving the biggest data management challenges based on customer feedback and conversations. These include: Complex Policy Management: A typical cloud architecture often involves hundreds of different accounts and subscriptions across several cloud…
Rubrik - Blog - Forbes Names Rubrik Top 10 In Cloud 100


Forbes Names Rubrik Top 10 In Cloud 100

Rubrik is thrilled to be recognized in the top 10 of the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 alongside innovative, future-forward companies such as Stripe and the newly-public Snowflake. The Forbes Cloud 100 list, compiled with Bessemer Venture Partner and Salesforce Ventures, is “the definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world” based on rigorous evaluation in the areas of leadership, valuation, operating metrics, and people and culture.  This year marks the fourth year that Rubrik has placed on the Forbes Cloud 100 list (the second in the top 10). I have to admit, this year feels particularly exciting as the cloud becomes even more essential to today’s business operations. Who isn’t remote in some capacity, if not completely? We are a bit obsessed with what our customers need, and the move to cloud is a big one. We are ready for the challenge. And here’s why…  Automate and Orchestrate Data Management Customers have long felt the pain of legacy data management. They were lost in a sea of backup jobs, missing SLA recovery windows, and a myriad of hardware and software solutions for managing and protecting their data. Rubik changed the game with a consumer-like experience through…
Rubrik - Blog - How to Create the Next Generation of Design Systems


How to Create the Next Generation of Design Systems

For decades, brands have used design systems to help create an identity and unify separate solutions and messaging within a product portfolio. We can see it in everything from cars, product design and, of course, user interfaces. This blog post will walk through how we recently approached modernizing our design system to dramatically accelerate development while tackling the scaling challenges we encountered as our product portfolio expanded. Design systems, or the collection of components, building blocks, and elements used to define the visual language and rules of engagement with a product, have matured significantly in recent years. Now, they offer a granular-level of detail for every element of the design–color, components, key screens, states, and more.  As a result, design system sticker sheets and style guides are often lengthy and overloaded with detail, causing multiple problems:  design consistency is difficult to maintain as teams and product portfolios scale. designers spend too much time navigating documentation.  At Rubrik, we experienced these challenges firsthand and brought forth the question: how can designers create their design with minimum effort while also aligning with the design system?  To solve this problem, we decided to overhaul our entire design system and create an interactive working file.…
Rubrik - Blog - How Healthcare Organizations Drive Cyber Resiliency with Rubrik


How Healthcare Organizations Drive Cyber Resiliency with Rubrik

More and more healthcare organizations are driving digital transformation as they look to improve the patient experience, reduce costs, and streamline processes. The downside, however, is that this shift is making healthcare organizations even more lucrative to cyberattackers–especially when combined with the volume of computer-stored patient information and EHR data. Healthcare remains one of the top industries targeted by ransomware and saw a 350% increase in Q4 2019 alone. To learn how you can help protect your organization from ransomware, download our eBook: How Healthcare Organizations Can Develop an Effective Ransomware Remediation Plan. You’ve heard us say it before. Backups are a critical defense against ransomware. However, advanced ransomware is now targeting backups, which only increases the chances of ransom payout as organizations lose their last line of defense. Rubrik was designed to make backups immune to ransomware and accelerate recovery after an attack. Data stored in Rubrik is never available in a Read/Write format, preventing your backups from being compromised or deleted. In the event of an attack, quickly recover to the most recent clean state with just a few clicks–minimizing downtime and data loss. Here are two stories of how healthcare organizations are leveraging Rubrik to up-level their…