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Rubrik - Blog - Erasure Coding or: How Rubrik Doubled the Capacity of Your Cluster


Erasure Coding or: How Rubrik Doubled the Capacity of Your Cluster

At Rubrik, we’re big believers in data protection. But until we’re able to take consistent snapshots of our brain state and upload them to the promised hierarchical neural interconnect, we’re going to focus on backing up the more traditional machines — the ones whose smooth functioning will enable this cause. Any complete backup solution needs a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant file system. Rubrik’s is Atlas, which made the switch from triple mirrored encoding to a Reed Solomon encoding scheme during our Firefly release. To help you understand the motivation behind this change, this post introduces erasure coding and compares the two methods. What is Erasure Coding? Suppose we want to store a piece of data on a fault-tolerant and distributed file system. In this case, the loss of any single drive should not result in data loss. The only way to achieve fault tolerance is through redundancy, which refers to storing extra information about the data across different drives to allow for its complete recovery in the event of a failure. The more redundancy we add, the greater the fault tolerance. However, the cost of redundancy is increased storage overhead. Every file system needs to make this tradeoff between availability and overhead. At Rubrik, the…
Rubrik - Blog - Davies Law Firm Eliminates High Costs and On-Ramps to Public Cloud


Davies Law Firm Eliminates High Costs and On-Ramps to Public Cloud

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP is an international law firm that handles some of the largest and most complex commercial and financial matters. Evans Vogas, Network Operations Analyst, at Davies discusses how the company revamped their infrastructure to reduce costs, streamline their IT, and move to public cloud. How does IT impact your business? Our lawyers are very client focused. That means our IT infrastructure must be reliably available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there is catastrophic failure, they need to recover quickly. With Rubrik, we can ensure that. Secondly, we are working on our ISO 27001 certification, which mandates procedures, especially related to disaster recovery. With Rubrik, we can accommodate some of those policies. With encryption at rest, we can protect sensitive data. Tell me about your environment We have 600 employees across three offices in Toronto, Montréal, and New York. Our environment consists of approximately 500 VMs and is 97% virtualized. We are protecting 38 TB of data with Rubrik. What challenges were you experiencing with your legacy solution? Our previous backup solution was no longer meeting our SLAs. As our data storage grew, backups were taking longer than the allocated backup window.…
Rubrik - Blog - Getting (More) Physical: Rubrik Introduces Support for Physical Windows


Getting (More) Physical: Rubrik Introduces Support for Physical Windows

We recently announced our 7th product release with version 3.1 of Rubrik Cloud Data Management. This update expands the enterprise capabilities of our platform by delivering rich visual analytics, software-based security, and broader support for physical workloads. Many of our enterprise customers have asked us to extend Rubrik’s platform to protect their Windows servers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce support for physical Windows. Customers can now leverage policy-based management, incremental forever backups, and instant file access for even more physical workloads. This addition builds on our support for physical environments, including SQL databases, Linux, and NAS. The new functionality delivers comprehensive and simple data management to file servers, web servers, database servers, and Windows apps. These are some of the key benefits: Policy-driven Automation Use a single pane of glass to easily manage policies for both virtual and physical workloads — VMs, Windows, Linux, and SQL servers. Define your own SLA policies by selecting the desired snapshot frequency and duration. Then sit back and relax as the engine automates execution of data protection for instant on- and off-site recovery. Granular Protection We’re providing granular folder and file protection inside Windows via filesets. A fileset lets you protect any set…
Rubrik - Blog - St. Tammany Parish Hospital Achieves Data Management Simplicity


St. Tammany Parish Hospital Achieves Data Management Simplicity

Daniel Belanger, Tech Manager at St. Tammany Parish Hospital, discusses how he saved his team hours a day and simplified data protection by switching to Rubrik. What is the IT environment at St. Tammany? The team supports over 2,700 employees and affiliate physicians, as well as all of their patients. Our hybrid cloud environment is 95% virtual, and we currently run around 220 production VMs that host everything from file shares to email to clinical applications. What challenges were you experiencing with data protection? As a healthcare organization, data protection is extremely important at St. Tammany. With our legacy solution, we suffered from constant job failures, complex management, and capacity issues. We had major performance issues with our backup software since it was impacting our domain controllers. So, we had to remove the virtual aspect and do a file-level restore of our virtual servers. As a small IT team, we have a lot on our plate, and backups were consuming about 2 hours a day. It became too tedious to manage, so I began searching for alternative solutions. How has Rubrik helped overcome these problems? When I was researching alternatives, I wanted something that was simple. I needed a solution…
Rubrik - Blog - Envision the Future of Your Data with Rubrik


Envision the Future of Your Data with Rubrik

Today we announced version 3.1 of the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform. This is our seventh product release, and it builds on prior releases to support common enterprise environments, including: VMware virtualized environments, NAS, Linux and SQL databases, and remote offices. 3.1 extends our focus on enabling customers to capitalize on the agility of the cloud, heighten security, and leverage rich analytics to optimize operations. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Rubrik Envision, our customizable visual analytics and reporting tool. With Envision, customers can easily create and share detailed reports for platform analytics on data protection, compliance, and capacity utilization. Within an easy-to-use interface, here is how Envision delivers on-demand, actionable insight for enhanced data management: Customized Reporting Envision makes relevant data accessible to anyone from backup admins to IT directors. Easily customize pre-canned reports or create your own to monitor a cluster—all within the Rubrik web UI. There are over 15 attributes and nearly 40 measures available. In addition, use filters to determine which pieces of data should be included in a report. These elements deliver granular monitoring of your VMs or physical hosts. As a starting point, we offer these four system-built reports: Protection Tasks Summary: Weekly number…