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Rubrik - Blog - Flexible Data Retention Using Enhanced SLA Domains


Flexible Data Retention Using Enhanced SLA Domains

With Rubrik Andes 5.2, we are thrilled to announce two substantive advancements to SLA Domains that ensure IT and compliance are in harmony throughout the data lifecycle: flexible data retention and legal hold. SLA Domains are the fundamental building block of the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform and empower customers to automate the entire data lifecycle, including backup, replication, archival, and continuous data protection. Flexible Data Retention Backup administrators typically use pre-defined SLA retention policies for different object types that may vary depending on the  workload and if the objects need to be archived or replicated. Oftentimes, admins  need to change the retention policies of certain object types to meet new requirements from different lines of business, optimize storage consumption of servers that are decommissioned, or discontinue archival and replication of certain objects. When speaking with our customers, many stressed the importance of being  able to change retention policies without impacting the retention of existing snapshots. To address these needs, Rubrik Andes 5.2 provides the flexibility to avoid applying changes to existing snapshots anytime an SLA is edited or re-assigned.  Here’s a rundown of how flexible data retention works: The calendar view across all objects also provides granular visibility into…
Rubrik - Blog - Rubrik Introduces VMware vSphere Enhancements for Faster, Stronger Protection


Rubrik Introduces VMware vSphere Enhancements for Faster, Stronger Protection

Have you ever wanted to move faster in life? Have you ever wanted to be more resilient?  Rubrik Andes 5.2 introduces a variety of capabilities and enhancements designed to bring speed and performance for modern IT environments. One of the biggest additions to the Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) platform is enhanced VMware vSphere protection to make your backup performance faster, raise the resiliency of your backup and restore operations, and obtain more flexibility with file restores and VMware Tools. VMware Multi-Node Data Streaming When speaking with our customers, we discovered that many dealt with the challenge of managing very large VMs, especially during the initial ingest. With Rubrik Andes 5.2, we are thrilled to introduce a game-changing way of dealing with multiple-terabytes VMs.  Rubrik’s new VMware multi-node data streaming takes an innovative approach that drastically improves backup speed. To achieve this, Rubrik  breaks down a large VMDK into smaller pieces called shards and processes them in parallel on multiple Rubrik nodes. The system does everything automatically and can improve backup speed by up to 5x for large multi-terabyte VMs. To make sure that your ESXi hosts can handle that, you can always adjust the maximum number of concurrent jobs…
Rubrik - Blog - Rubrik As Built Report for Easier, Automated Documentation


Rubrik As Built Report for Easier, Automated Documentation

It’s in the back of your mind, lurking in the corner, consuming your every thought as you try meticulously to forget it. You may even think you can skip it or leave it for someone else. But you know that when the time comes, you and your peers will need it, and that ultimately it’s one of the most important parts of IT. Does this process of writing as-built documentation sound familiar to you? Luckily, you can now document your environment without the standard time investment and stress through a completely automated process that always provides the most up-to-date, accurate documentation. Meet the Rubrik As Built Report. Hello, As Built Report The As Built Report project, started by Tim Carman and Matt Allford back in 2017, aims to take the act of documentation and make it, well, as the title says: suck less. The project is a PowerShell based, open-source configuration document framework that can produce automated, as-built documentation in multiple document formats across a number of vendors and technologies. The As Built Report project solves three of the most common pitfalls of writing as-built documentation: Documentation is a tedious task: For many IT organizations, documentation is still a very…
Rubrik - Blog - Our Response to Commvault’s Pending Lawsuit


Our Response to Commvault’s Pending Lawsuit

As you may have heard, Commvault filed lawsuits alleging patent infringement against Rubrik and Cohesity. Since our inception, Rubrik has been recognized as a market-leading visionary that upended a large, stagnant backup and recovery market once ruled by legacy vendors. As market adoption of new technologies gains momentum, legacy vendors often resort to lawsuits to suppress the originators of innovation. We believe there is no merit to this complaint, and we will always vigorously defend our innovation, patents, and technology. Most importantly, we remain focused on continuing to develop cutting-edge solutions for our customers highlighting our technology differentiation: Simple, policy-driven data management to deliver significant cost savings and operational efficiencies Modern, cloud-native architecture to accelerate cloud adoption Unique immutable backups to provide cyber-resiliency against ransomware API first platform to drive automation and self-service for all your data operations Our business has been experiencing record growth with our award-winning platform, fueled by strong enterprise and government demand. We’ve been recognized as a Forbes Cloud 100 Company, a LinkedIn Top 25 Company, 8X best of VMWorld winner, and Forrester Wave Leader. In February, we announced:  Over 2,500 enterprises and governments around the globe rely on our market-leading Cloud Data Management solution. An…
Rubrik - Blog - Need Linux Bare Metal Protection? Rubrik’s Got You Covered!


Need Linux Bare Metal Protection? Rubrik’s Got You Covered!

For many customers, Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) of Linux systems is a common use case for operations like disaster recovery and cloning since it allows a system to be completely restored from hardware with no operating system installed. With virtual machines (VMs), bare metal restores are easily accomplished by taking an image backup and restoring that image. However, for some systems, this is not possible. These include restoring to physical machines, VMs on hypervisors that do not support image-level backups, and cloud-based machines that need to be moved between clouds or back on-prem. BMR also avoids problems during recovery of finding the right operating system, patches, drivers, sizing and repartitioning disks. To address these limitations, Rubrik contributed to the open source project Relax and Recover (ReaR), a Linux bare metal recovery tool that can create a bootable ISO image from a Linux system. The integration with Rubrik CDM consists of including its RBS agent in the ISO image (step 1). The system being protected is backed up by Rubrik (step2). To restore, the recovery system is booted from the ReaR ISO image (steps 3 & 4). Rubrik CDM can be used to recover all or part of the Linux system…