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Rubrik - Blog - How to Build a World-Class Digital Conference in 60 Days


How to Build a World-Class Digital Conference in 60 Days

Having spent our careers creating in-person experiences through face-to-face engagements, hands-on demos, and authentic networking, launching a fully-digital user conference was a unique opportunity for us. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rubrik had spent over a year planning our inaugural user conference, FORWARD, which was set to take place in Chicago May 11-13, 2020. With the safety of our community and employees a top priority in our mind, like many leading tech companies, in early-March we made the decision to transition FORWARD into an entirely virtual experience. While this shift came with a variety of challenges, we used the opportunity to redefine FORWARD and reflect on what truly made an unforgettable conference for our community: inspiration, education, and connection. If you want to check out the stellar content we featured at FORWARD Digital Summit, watch it on-demand here. With all hands on deck, FORWARD Digital Summit was held on May 11th with 8,000 data management professionals joining us and was met with an incredibly positive response from our audience. So how did we manage to successfully transform FORWARD into a digital event in less than 8 weeks? Here are our top learnings and takeaways: Reimagine (Don’t Revise) the Experience While…
Rubrik - Blog - How Rubrik Can Help DBAs Respond to an Evolving & Demanding Landscape

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How Rubrik Can Help DBAs Respond to an Evolving & Demanding Landscape

DBAs are known for their masterful ability to untangle complex systems–but that’s not to say that the massive growth in database types and data and the ever-increasing need for business agility haven’t made their jobs more challenging. Given the range of applications DBAs must now support and the acceleration of database and data growth, today’s DBAs are tasked with managing terabytes, if not petabytes, of data across on-premises and cloud–and these numbers will continue to grow. In fact, IDC analysts estimate that data volume will more than double every two years.  So how can DBAs maintain protection and control over their environments, even as they evolve and the sheer volume of databases and data increases? How can they ensure rapid recovery of multi-terabyte databases in the event of a cyberattack? How are DBAs tackling increasing data governance regulations? And perhaps most top-of-mind, how can they minimize pain points associated with manual backups and scripting to free up time to focus on other strategic projects for the business?  To answer these questions, I’ll walk through the biggest threats today’s DBAs ought to keep their eye on and how Rubrik can help them handle these challenges with the speed, efficiency, control, and…
Rubrik - Blog - Understanding Cloud Costs


Understanding Cloud Costs

Your company runs cloud infrastructure on AWS and it wants to reduce the spend.  You’ve already got a Savings Plan in place, you’ve right sized your instances, but when you look in Cost Explorer, the spend is still too big to believe. What do you do? If you take one thing away from this post let it be this – your objective should be to understand your costs. While reducing costs is important and valuable, reduction should come as a consequence of understanding. The value of understanding cloud costs is something we at Rubrik discovered firsthand on our journey to reduce our bills. Below we’ll share anecdotes demonstrating our approach to achieving an understanding of our cloud spend, concrete examples of both successes and failures, and the learnings we picked up along the way.  These stories will include how:   Accurate attribution led to a speedy 10x reduction in a major account. Dogfooding led to a bug discovery, a fix, and corresponding savings. Using APIs and histograms allowed us to come to grips with reality. Process failure can be as important as software bugs. Rearchitecting resulted in a 600x reduction in CI/CD cost. At the core of success is a model…
Rubrik - Blog - Introducing Rubrik API Code Capture Chrome Extension


Introducing Rubrik API Code Capture Chrome Extension

If you’re familiar with Rubrik’s product suite at all, you’ve probably heard us talk about our API-driven architecture, a design principle that has been key to our technology since day 1. This architecture all boils down to our goal of helping customers leverage automation to simplify data protection and management tasks, allowing IT teams to spend time on more strategic projects.  Automation using Rubrik’s REST–and now GraphQL–endpoints can be executed for a variety of use cases. But one of the most common questions I hear from customers is how do I automate X task? One of the easiest ways to determine which APIs to use is to complete the workflow within the Rubrik UI and then monitor which APIs are being consumed during that process. To make this whole process even more efficient, I’m excited to introduce the Rubrik API Code Capture Chrome Extension, now available for anyone to download. This extension makes monitoring API calls more digestible for our end users, allowing them to easily determine which API calls should be used in their external scripts. While Rubrik API Code Capture is useful for any IT organization, it’s especially effective for those who are newer to automation and scripting. Benefits…
Rubrik - Blog - Role-Based Access Control Enhancements and Best Practices


Role-Based Access Control Enhancements and Best Practices

The Rubrik Andes 5.2 release, now Generally Available, introduced a variety of capabilities to advance enterprise security, compliance, and resilience. One of our most significant enhancements is with our Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) capability, which is designed to help maximize operational efficiency, safeguard against unauthorized access, reduce admin and IT support work, and make it easier to meet audit requirements. Least privilege—the practice of assigning each user the precise amount of privileges to perform their jobs and nothing more—is one of the most fundamental security principles. With our new RBAC capabilities, you can now enforce least privilege and separation of duties policies and achieve all of the above benefits. What is new for RBAC? Andes 5.2 introduces the following three RBAC roles:  Custom Role  Each organization has different requirements and operational processes. Oftentimes, the pre-defined build-in roles won’t be specific enough. They either grant too few or too many privileges that each user needs to undertake. To resolve this problem, Andes 5.2 allows you to create custom roles that grant the precise privileges based on your users’ responsibilities at a more fine-grained level.   Infrastructure Administrator Role  This role is designed for IT personas who are responsible for setting up the…