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Rubrik -  - Building an Error Message Framework


Building an Error Message Framework

In a fast-growing engineering team, it becomes less and less realistic for a single engineer to understand every behavior behind a product. In fact, relying on an individual to make the product consistent often leads to disastrous results, especially for features that get less attention. A well-designed framework alleviates these problems by shaping collective developer behavior and promoting better designs, and ultimately makes a better product for our customers. Recently, I was commissioned to revamp the error message framework in Rubrik’s CDM product. Although this framework seems small compared to others, I learned a few lessons that can be applied to building frameworks of any size, including: Understand your customers, which include both end users and developers Automate as much as possible, leaving fewer chances for human errors Rules do not matter if they are not enforced by code A framework should help scale the engineering organization Building a framework means changing a culture What Went Wrong At Rubrik, we pride ourselves in prioritizing our customers’ feedback and using their insights to shape our product roadmap. This was recently true when we received feedback on the quality of our error messages. For reference, here is a real-life message given to…