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Rubrik -  - A New IT Imperative: On-Demand Recovery

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A New IT Imperative: On-Demand Recovery

Disaster noun 1. a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage. There are many reasons that a company may experience a data disaster–from a fire or flood impacting a data center to increasingly prevalent ransomware attacks, even to insider threats or just plain old human error. If the corresponding downtime stretches on or business-critical data can’t be retrieved, company brand reputations suffer, profits slide, and sometimes doors shut permanently. Here are some interesting reads on how widespread outages impact over 95% of enterprises, costing them up to $400,000 per hour of downtime. An outage can really cripple your business, but I’m not writing to relay tales of doom and gloom. Quite the opposite. While you can’t avoid a disaster, you can prepare for it. Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) are not new concepts; however, many of the threats faced and the way businesses respond to them are. This is why it’s imperative to pivot the conversation from the traditional, expensive disaster recovery (DR) plans, which provide weak guarantees on the amount of data lost or restart time, to on-demand recovery. The message is simple: minimize the impact of a catastrophe. Recover from…