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Rubrik -  - Diving Deeper into the Rubrik PowerShell Module


Diving Deeper into the Rubrik PowerShell Module

The Rubrik PowerShell Module was built to make it easy for users to use both scripted automation and command-line interaction with Rubrik. As the Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) platform continues to evolve, we are committed to keeping the development of the PowerShell module in lockstep. In this blog post, I will explore a number of recently released features of the Rubrik PowerShell module that allow for better integration and direct interaction through GraphQL,  as well as various quality-of-life improvements, such as customization of existing cmdlets and the ability to securely specify a default set of credentials for authentication. Setting Custom Module Options Users can now customize the Rubrik module with the Set-RubrikModuleDefaultParameter and Set-RubrikModuleOption cmdlets. These cmdlets write to a json configuration file stored in the user’s home directory, which reads the configuration the moment the module is loaded and settings are changed. Set-RubrikModuleDefaultParameter sets default parameter settings for all cmdlets in the Rubrik module, a PowerShell functionality powered by the automatic $PSDefaultParameters variable. Set-RubrikModuleOption sets options such as default credentials, default timeout of API requests, and enablement of custom view definitions. The following example shows how to use the Remove-RubrikDefaultParameter cmdlet to remove the default setting in which…
Rubrik -  - Backup-as-a-Service with Rubrik and Red Hat CloudForms


Backup-as-a-Service with Rubrik and Red Hat CloudForms

Self-service cloud management platforms that provision and manage IT infrastructure help organizations deliver agile environments for development teams to build, test, and release their applications. Platforms such as these are part of the reason Amazon, Microsoft, and others have made multi-billion dollar businesses out of delivering API-based elastic infrastructure. Many companies want to offer this kind of agility without putting all of their eggs in one cloud provider’s basket – preferring to put applications and environments on the most fitting platform. This freedom of choice allows them to maintain a compliant, controlled environment that suits their approach to digital transformation. Red Hat CloudForms helps businesses provide this secure, agile cloud experience by enabling them to define operational policy and control and abstract infrastructure components. CloudForms offers extensibility through CloudForms Automate to provide additional services on top of the core feature set delivered by CloudForms. This allows customers to provide services such as security and data protection in order to meet the compliance and regulatory requirements of a modern business. Through this framework, we have built the Rubrik Management Pack for CloudForms, which layers on backup-as-a-service offerings for CloudForms customers to protect and recover workloads with the Rubrik CDM platform. Rubrik’s…