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Rubrik -  - Understanding Cloud Costs


Understanding Cloud Costs

Your company runs cloud infrastructure on AWS and it wants to reduce the spend.  You’ve already got a Savings Plan in place, you’ve right sized your instances, but when you look in Cost Explorer, the spend is still too big to believe. What do you do? If you take one thing away from this post let it be this – your objective should be to understand your costs. While reducing costs is important and valuable, reduction should come as a consequence of understanding. The value of understanding cloud costs is something we at Rubrik discovered firsthand on our journey to reduce our bills. Below we’ll share anecdotes demonstrating our approach to achieving an understanding of our cloud spend, concrete examples of both successes and failures, and the learnings we picked up along the way.  These stories will include how:   Accurate attribution led to a speedy 10x reduction in a major account. Dogfooding led to a bug discovery, a fix, and corresponding savings. Using APIs and histograms allowed us to come to grips with reality. Process failure can be as important as software bugs. Rearchitecting resulted in a 600x reduction in CI/CD cost. At the core of success is a model…
Rubrik -  - How We Use CloudOn & CloudOut to Protect Developer Environments

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How We Use CloudOn & CloudOut to Protect Developer Environments

For many organizations, drawing up an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is imperative to ensuring business operations don’t stop during an unplanned outage, security threat, or attack. Most strategies focus on recovering mission-critical data and systems such as financial, customer, and ERP applications. In addition, many organizations, including those whose main business is developing software, often consider revenue-impacting systems and data as mission-critical, while software development is an afterthought.  Just like any other tech company, Rubrik is susceptible to unpredictable outages or disasters that can affect its on-premises or cloud infrastructure. That’s why we have a broader definition of mission-critical data and systems that includes our development work environments. We make recovering them a key part of our DR plan so we can continue to develop software in any scenario.  In order to achieve this, we use two powerful features of Rubrik Cloud Data Management: CloudOut: Archives backed up data to object storage platforms such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blob Storage for quick access and retrieval. CloudOut as a standalone feature might sound like elastic storage on cloud for quick and easy access, but when coupled with CloudOn, it becomes an…
Rubrik -  - How to Not Be A Victim of Infrastructure with Rubrik Live Mount

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How to Not Be A Victim of Infrastructure with Rubrik Live Mount

Since day one, Rubrik was built with the user in mind, delivering ultimate simplicity and comprehensive data protection at enterprise scale. That’s why we leverage our own platform to manage and protect our mission-critical data, allowing us to experience firsthand how our technology accelerates product development and automation. However, just like any other organization, we at Rubrik are still susceptible to unpredictable hiccups and disasters. We recently encountered one of these issues during a product release cycle. With Rubrik, we were able to quickly meet our time-to-market goals and minimize business disruption and engineering productivity loss. Here’s our story of how Rubrik came to the rescue: At Rubrik, one of our core values is velocity, and that applies to our engineering teams as well. Our engineering teams use our home-grown orchestration layer to allocate precious infrastructure resources for functional/integration and regression tests, which enables us to deliver quality product at lightning speed. This orchestration layer and its services run on top of an enterprise SAN (hybrid flash-based array) for storing the test data and builds. However, recently, this storage layer behaved erratically, significantly slowing down our build times and release pipelines. Our IT infrastructure teams came to the rescue, quickly…