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Rubrik -  - Automating CloudOut to Amazon S3 Configuration


Automating CloudOut to Amazon S3 Configuration

The ability to archive data to Amazon S3 has been part of the Rubrik platform since our very first product release. This feature, CloudOut, automates lifecycle management by archiving older, mostly unused data to public cloud storage tiers. Using public cloud is often more cost effective and reliable than tape for long-term data retention and has been widely adopted by Rubrik customers.  More details about designing a CloudOut to S3 solution can be found in this blog post.  Preparing your AWS environment for CloudOut is not necessarily difficult, but leveraging automation enables consistent configuration when there are several archive locations. Automating the process utilizing the tools described below not only decreases the chance of error and saves valuable time, but also helps prevent misconfiguration and supports a more reliable and consistent environment.  For these reasons, many of our customers automate the configuration of their AWS environment for CloudOut. The Rubrik Cluster’s archival settings can also be configured using an automation tool. This blog post will cover automating CloudOut to S3 resource configuration using the tools our customers most commonly use: AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, and Terraform. Automation with AWS CloudFormation AWS CloudFormation provides a common language to model and provision all…
Rubrik -  - Designing A CloudOut to Amazon S3 Solution


Designing A CloudOut to Amazon S3 Solution

The majority of Rubrik customers take advantage of our CloudOut capability to archive backup data to a public cloud service provider, often as a replacement for tape. Cloud offers better response times than tape in the event that you must restore data from archive. This solution provides a cost-effective approach and reliable long-term retention. Through the lens of Zaffre Fashion Group (Zaffre), our own field-tested fictional enterprise based on how customers commonly use our product, we’ll examine how a CloudOut to Amazon S3 solution can be architected. Solution Overview As part of their cloud-first strategy, Zaffre leverages CloudOut to support compliance, eliminate tape, and meet long-term retention requirements. Cloud adoption efforts began in 2017 by selecting AWS as the cloud archive location to store on-premises data for a regulatory period.  The long-term retention location is specified as a cloud archive within the Rubrik SLA Domain. This means that once a workload is protected, Rubrik automatically ensures that: Snapshots that have exceeded their local retention threshold are marked for archive. Snapshots and metadata are uploaded to the archive location. Snapshots are marked for expiry once the archive retention threshold is exceeded. Archive consolidation efficiently manages and removes expired snapshots. The following…