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Engineering Culture

We’re here to leave a legacy, to create a movement that changes how enterprises protect and manage their data in the new era. See Positions
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Disrupting An Industry

We are modernizing a $48 billion industry. We bring new technology to a space lacking innovation for the last decade. In a few years, we have made a far-reaching impact, and we continue to race ahead at light-speed.

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Meet Our Brik Builders

We are not your average engineers. Our A+ players work on teams that are meritocratic, decentralized, and transparent. Brik Builders leave their egos at home and collaborate on transforming challenging problems into simple, elegant solutions.

“To me, culture is about trust, respect, and autonomy, which are three of the things I have learned to value the most about working here.”

Jenny Software Engineer

“We have the freedom to build a product that is like nothing else in the market. It is humbling and inspiring to hear our customers’ stories. With us, they expect nothing but the best.”

Fabiano Founding Engineer

“Can-do attitude and enthusiasm are common personality traits. There’s a lightness to our work environment, and I get to build a product I’m passionate about with people I enjoy working with.”

Pranava Software Engineer

Want To Be A Superhero?

At Rubrik, we name our engineering teams after superheroes. So, which one are you?

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