Reduced from hrs to mins


TCO savings from reduced data center footprint


Reduction in daily backup management


Headquartered in Washington D.C., Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) manages and sustains all Naval installations. Operating 71 installations across 11 regions globally, CNIC delivers installation management and other integrated shore capabilities including port operations, airfields, security, emergency management, and fleet support services. At CNIC, six IT staff members are dedicated to supporting Navy officers and their families worldwide. The team maintains servers, backup, and infrastructure across over 500 locations to ensure efficiency in providing shore installation planning and mission support, managing shore safety services, as well as maintaining base communication and information systems.


  1. Lack of scalability due to technical limitations of legacy backup software

  2. Lengthy recovery times

  3. Inefficient and unreliable manual backup process


  1. RTOs reduced from hours to minutes

  2. 30-50% TCO savings from reduced data center footprint

  3. Significant reduction in daily backup management

  4. "Rack-and-go” in 30 minutes

The Solution

  1. Automated 24/7 backups and instant recovery

  2. Simple, easy-to-use platform suitable for large environments

  3. User and application data at rest encryption with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified SEDs


Backup & recovery inefficiencies with the legacy approach

Prior to deploying Rubrik, CNIC experienced frustrations with an inefficient backup process, lack of scalability, and long recovery times. RTO was several hours, which negatively impacted installation operations and services. They also found the solution difficult to manage, resulting in significant inefficiencies and overhead.

Furthermore, the legacy solution lacked automation and was better suited for smaller environments. The team had to constantly remember to backup servers throughout the day for 500 locations, a cumbersome process which resulted in substantial daily management time.

Frustrated with lengthy recovery times and overhead, Navy CNIC turned to the market for more efficient backup & recovery solutions and found Rubrik through one of its partners.



Rubrik enables Navy CNIC to service sailors and families 24/7 while reducing management time and cost

CNIC has successfully automated and simplified its backup operations for its growing operations with Rubrik. This means that their team is able to provide services to US sailors and their families in 500 locations across the globe 24/7 without interruptions. If a crash were to occur, Rubrik’s capabilities ensure that a new server can become fully functional in 15 seconds.

One of their favorite aspects about Rubrik was the rapid setup time. It only took an hour for CNIC to deploy Rubrik and begin supporting the entire enterprise. Rubrik has enabled CNIC to better achieve their mission of delivering efficiency and dependability from the shore.


The Results


Significant Time Management Reduction from Automated Backup

With policy-based automation, Rubrik minimized daily management and removed the man-hours needed for manual backup. By eliminating the need to train IT staff and hire network engineers, Rubrik has substantially reduced CNIC investment in resources.

Significant Cost Savings from Data Center Footprint Reduction

With Rubrik, CNIC are able to back up as much as 90 terabytes on a box that is a third the size of their legacy solution. After taking all savings into account, they have achieved 30-50% cost reduction with Rubrik.

Instant Recovery and Near-Zero RTOs

By mounting their virtual machines directly onto Rubrik, they experience near-zero RTOs and instant recovery. They are also able to quickly restore data back to the production environment.

Simple, Easily Deployable Platform

Rubrik requires minimal technical knowledge to deploy, which means CNIC’s team can use the solution with ease.