November 30 - December 18, 2020

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Rubrik is a cloud data management company that enables enterprises to maximize value from data and applications wherever they are. Rubrik offers a platform for data orchestration, security and recovery. Visit for more.

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Automate and modernize data protection with AWS and Rubrik

Rubrik 30-minute Video-On-Demand Session

Are you looking for ways to simplify protecting data on AWS? This session demonstrates how Rubrik helps you simplify and enhance data protection within SLA parameters, achieve fast data recovery, and adapt to data growth. Leave this session with a deep understanding of how Rubrik’s policy-driven framework orchestrates critical data management functions for Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances.

Additionally, see a demonstration of how to simplify data backup and recovery across hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments. This presentation is brought to you by Rubrik, an AWS Partner.

Sr. Developer Advocate, Rubrik

Mike Preston

Manufacturer Gains 91 Days of Productivity by Pushing Backups to AWS and Rubrik


Join this on-demand webinar to learn how Adelaide Brighton reduced backup management time by 88% with Rubrik. 


Rubrik Guardians


Help us protect the galaxy from evil infrastructure. Join the Rubrik Guardians community for product updates, ideas, and collaboration with other customers on the Rubrik journey. This is an invite-only community for our favorite (and best) customers.

As a member of Guardians, you'll get to:

  1. Enjoy early access to new features and help shape our product roadmap

  2. Have a direct line to Rubrik’s team to share feedback and ideas

  3. Share best practices with other Rubrik customers

  4. Complete fun activities (i.e. missions!) for points while competing with peers

  5. Redeem points for very cool rewards (including exclusive swag and a iPad!)





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