Provision and Protect Using Morpheus and Rubrik

With more and more data being generated by organizations, it's increasingly important to provision, manage, and protect multi-cloud workloads and data at scale in an automated fashion. Morpheus provides unified orchestration for multi-cloud automation and application lifecycle management. Using Rubrik with Morpheus allows for self-service provisioning and data protection in a single automated workflow.

Join this session to:

  1. Understand how to create simple, policy-based management – with a unified cloud management tool across your data locations.
  2. Preview a joint Rubrik and Morpheus architecture and learn about integrated functionality.
  3. See a demo of the Morpheus integration for Rubrik that allows for built-in protection and recovery of application instances and blueprints in the Morpheus service catalog.


  • Brad Parks | VP of Marketing and Business Development | Morpheus Data
  • Rebecca Fitzhugh | Director of Developer Relations | Rubrik, Inc.

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