Save Lives. We Got Your Back(up).

Rubrik brings peace of mind to healthcare organizations with protection for all your EHR and enterprise data. Accelerate HIPAA compliance. Recover from anything in minutes. Get on-demand access to data with search.

Save Lives. We Got Your Back(up).

360° Protection For Your EHR and Enterprise Data

Rubrik provides a simple, fast, and cost-effective backup and recovery solution to keep your EHR and enterprise data protected and accessible at all times so that you can focus on delivering quality patient care.

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Electronic Health Records

Protect patient health records in Epic EHR environments.

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Healthcare Clinics

Extend protection to branch healthcare clinics with Rubrik Edge software appliance.

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Enterprise Data

Automate protection of enterprise data with minimal daily management.

Rubrik Combats Ransomware, Increases HIPAA Compliance, and Accelerates Cloud Adoption for Healthcare Organizations

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Combat Ransomware

Recover from Ransomware instantly with zero data loss. Immutable snapshots guarantee data integrity.

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Increase HIPAA

Protect patient data with military-grade encryption. Generate compliance reports on demand. Reduce RTOs down to minutes.

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Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Easily migrate data across cloud and on-prem environments. Manage all your data with one interface. Eliminate legacy infrastructure.

Trusted By the World’s Leading Healthcare Organizations

"We were thinking of Ransomware protection separately from our backup and recovery issues, but Rubrik allowed us to solve both in one fell swoop.”

"With Rubrik and Microsoft Azure, we were able to take the legacy systems of three hospitals and transform them into a dynamic, consistent, and centralized hybrid cloud architecture."

"As the number of physicians increase and data sets change, we need to absorb new applications into our infrastructure. Rubrik makes it easier to adapt and grow as the healthcare industry changes."

“HM Hospitales is a patient-focused group. Rubrik delivers the agility and simplicity required to support our patients and our business.”

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