Be the maestro of your cloud data security

Soaring data volumes. Sophisticated cyberattacks. Unbridled cloud costs. It’s enough to make even the most skilled conductor lose rhythm. 

Fear not. Rubrik can help you take your cloud data security from dissonant to devine.

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Tackling the Crescendo of Today's Cloud Data Security Challenges

Anybody can create a cloud environment. Only a few know what it takes
to protect its data. Here’s what today’s cloud conductors are up against.


Sprawling attack surfaces

The average organization’s cloud data grew by 73% last year. This data may sit in hundreds of workloads across complex multicloud environments.


Sophisticated cyberattacks

94% of cloud tenants were targeted last year, and 62% were successfully compromised1. Plus, cybercriminals aren’t breaking in as much as they’re logging in to cloud accounts to perpetrate attacks.

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Growing cloud costs

More cloud data means more cloud storage and more complexity, both of which lead to higher cloud costs and possible costly disruptions.

Turn cloud data security chaos
into a well-trained orchestra

Protecting your cloud data doesn’t have to be complicated, inconsistent, or costly. With Rubrik as your baton, you can be the maestro of your cloud data security orchestra. Bring dissonant solutions into harmony. Highlight sensitive data risks. And bend cloud costs into an arrangement that sounds right to you.


Orchestrate your cloud data security

Make sure your cloud data protection works in concert across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments with a single SaaS platform.

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Protect your symphony of sensitive data

Keep tabs on your most sensitive data across environments. Identify data risks, and flag suspicious activity.

Tune your cloud costs

Direct backup data to lower-cost tiers. Exclude redundant data from backups. Skip painful management processes and speed up recoveries.

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