Ensure Resiliency of Government Services and Operations in an Era of Digital Transformation

Remove complexity and consolidate costs without compromising security.

Simplifying and updating data orchestration and protection for state and local governments, Rubrik delivers a single platform to protect, automate, and govern Microsoft applications across data centers and Azure. The Rubrik and Microsoft collaboration brings rapid recovery from ransomware, automation of data operations, and the migration of data to the cloud to the next level. Together, we’re providing Zero Trust data protection for hybrid cloud environments spanning data center, edge, and cloud, including Microsoft 365. Having a single view of your network and security configurations will not only reduce complexity and make life easier for your security and IT staff, it also eliminates the need for multiple tools, thereby reducing security spend.


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Modernize and Optimize your Agency's Operations with a Unified Security and Observability Platform

State and local governments possess a wealth of information on citizen activity and government operations, making them prime targets for cybercrime. Complexity adds security costs and risk, putting organizations at a severe disadvantage against adversaries that are increasingly using automation, machine learning, social engineering and other modern tools to launch more sophisticated and potentially devastating attacks. To fend off cybercriminals, you need to look beyond traditional methods. To fend off cybercriminals, you need to look beyond traditional methods. Together, Rubrik and Microsoft provide your organization with the necessary tools to secure your sensitive data and critical infrastructure all while removing complexity and costs without compromising security.

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Ben Hammel speaker

Ben Hammel
Director of Strategy, Microsoft

Joe Dabrowski

Joe Dabrowski
Regional Vice President, Rubrik


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Rubrik delivers a simplified approach to data management for state & local governments to recover from ransomware attacks, accelerate cloud mobility, and streamline operations in this new norm.