Your Unstructured Data Quest Begins

You don’t need magic to protect petabytes of unstructured data. NAS Cloud Direct does all the work, helping you achieve cyber resilience, recovery, and operational efficiency for all your unstructured data.

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Navigating the Unstructured Data Maze: Your Journey Starts Here

Hear from top industry experts about what's really at stake if your unstructured data falls in the wrong hands—and how you can keep it safe. Discover actionable steps and watch the live demo on how you can understand, manage, and secure your unstructured data environment efficiently.

Meet Your Unstructured Data Guild

Don’t embark on your journey alone. Meet the players who will work alongside you to defend your unstructured data.

It’s Dangerous Business Leaving Your Data Unprotected

According to IDC, over the next five years, 90% of the world’s data will be unstructured. Unstructured data accumulates rapidly, making it harder to locate, protect, and manage.

You've got petabytes of unstructured data that could contain very sensitive information—but that massive scale makes it hard to know what sensitive data you have and where it lives. That leaves you struggling to manage, analyze, and protect that data from cybercriminals.

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One Does Not Simply Secure Unstructured Data

Your unstructured data needs to be secure, but that’s a major feat given the realities most organizations are facing.

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The scale of NAS data today is enormous. Backing up that data in the first place is a huge challenge, and NDMP doesn’t make that job any easier. It just wasn’t designed to handle the sheer volume of data that companies have today.

Unstructured data is everywhere and difficult to navigate, which is why it often goes unprotected and is vulnerable to breaches, ransomware, and compliance violations. Replicating unstructured data to another datacenter may work for business continuity, but it doesn't stop cybercriminals if malicious code is duplicated in the process.

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Legacy NAS backup tools don’t provide essential security controls or visibility into at-risk or affected sensitive NAS data, and legacy governance tools have limitations for time-sensitive and large-scale recoveries. They can't meet backup SLAs due to data scale.

Change the Course of Your Future

You’ve reached an impasse. It’s time for a change.

How can you know what business-critical data you have across billions of files that aren’t arranged in an easy-to-use format? Even if you could find that data, do you know it’s protected? Could you back up that data at scale? And if an attack happened today, could you recover just the data that you need and ensure you’re not just replicating malicious code?


A Light From the Shadows Shall Spring

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct protects petabyte-scale unstructured data efficiently, enables continuous monitoring and identification of ransomware and other cyber threats, and orchestrates rapid NAS data recovery and archival to on-premises or the cloud.

Cyberattacks Shall Not Pass



Protect and manage petabytes of unstructured data at 10x the speed of NDMP using zero hardware, while getting centralized data management and visibility into all NAS data across your organization.



Secure your unstructured data with encrypted, immutable backups and credential isolation, while simultaneously detecting malicious activity and uncovering sensitive data exposure.



Search across billions of files quickly and orchestrate rapid petabyte-scale recovery/archival to on-prem, cloud, or alternate targets.


Experience NAS Cloud Direct

This is not fantasy; seeing is believing. Experience NAS Cloud Direct for yourself and change your path today.

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One Solution to Secure Every Industry

No matter the industry, NAS Cloud Direct provides unstructured data protection for all.


Protect sensitive patient data, get visibility into your sensitive data exposure, and know you can recover it all quickly and safely.

Financial Services

Keep up with rapid data growth and know you can protect and recover your banking data while meeting compliance requirements.


Defend data and apps in upstream, midstream, and downstream workflows, so you can keep moving.

State, Local Government 
and Education

Secure sensitive student and faculty data with modern protection that goes well beyond backups.

Electronic Design Automation

Protect everything from semiconductor chip design to testing, verification, manufacturing, and more.

Media & Entertainment

Protect all your streaming data and audio and video files to avoid service interruption or revenue loss.

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