Rubrik at RSA Conference 2022


June 6th

Stop by booth #4628 during the RSA bar crawl on Monday, June 6th from 5pm-7pm! You will also be able to enter into our raffle to win a Rubrik BrüMate cooler - just in time for summer!

June 7th

Rubrik invites our customers to a fun night following a day of learning at RSA at Hotel Zetta at 6:15pm! Interested in attending? Click the link below to RSVP!





Rubrik is hosting a long list of informative sessions hosted right in our booth! These sessions will be presented by our very own Rubrik employees around topics such as:

  1. Rubrik Data Observability for Sensitive Data

  2. Rubrik Data Observability for Incident Response

  3. Rubrik for Microsoft

  4. Rubrik Data Recovery

Quickly Recover Your Data from Ransomware: Rubrik + Microsoft Zero Trust Data Security 

Speaker: Eddie Wlazlowski

Location: MSFT Booth #6059

Abstract: Your Microsoft data is a prime target for ransomware - both data stored in Azure and data created within Microsoft 365. While existing security controls can help defend against cyber attacks, if data is ultimately lost, could you quickly recover and avoid paying the ransom? In this session, learn what may be missing in your defense in depth approach to protection from datacenter to Azure and how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security fits the bill.

Date: June 8

Time: 2:40pm


Interested in meeting with Rubrik? Click here to request a meeting! 

Note: RSA badge is NOT required - we will provide an Expo Pass for you to attend a meeting.