How Radar Defends Companies Against Ransomware

This webinar is your opportunity to discover how Radar fortifies your organization’s defenses against security attacks.

Ransomware attacks are intensifying in scale and sophistication, and the perpetrators are getting better at evading countermeasures.

This webinar, with Senior Product Manager, Matt Noe, and Technical Marketing Manager, Leah Schoeb, will present a live demo of Radar, including an overview of Radar's ability to empower enterprises to respond faster to security attacks by delivering deep intelligence on how an attack impacted business-critical application data.

To enable a holistic ransomware response strategy, Radar complements enterprises’ layered approach to security by integrating accelerated detection and recovery alongside prevention measures.

Watch the webinar to learn about Radar’s multi-leveled defense, which includes:

  1. Monitoring – detect anomalies via machine learning models
  2. Analysis – quickly diagnose threat impact with data intelligence
  3. Recovery – minimize business disruption and data loss with simplified recovery

When: Thursday, August 16th at 8AM PT / 11AM ET

Matt Noe | Senior Product Manager | Rubrik
Leah Schoeb | Technical Marketing Manager | Rubrik


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