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Building Organizational Resilience Against Ransomware Threats

About This Webinar

While it’s impossible to predict the next ransomware threat a company will face, it is possible to be prepared. Companies that make operational resilience and preparedness a priority always have better responses, both in their response and recovery. A well-built gameplan can mean the difference between minutes and days of downtime.

In Rubrik’s ‘Building Organizational Resilience Against Ransomware Threats,’ we’ll explore how companies can establish a game plan for when ransomware attacks hit.

Topics for discussion include:

  1. The growing threat posed from ransomware

  2. How quickly cyber security can turn into cyber recovery

  3. Why trusted backups are vital to any preparedness plan

  4. How companies can eliminate data protection gaps


Clarke Rodgers

Enterprise Security Strategist, AWS


Vinny Choinski

Senior Analyst, IDG


Mike Preston

Technical Marketing Engineer, Rubrik

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