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Delivering Agile Cyber-Resilient Capabilities

About This Webinar

The modern cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and as it evolves, so too do the cyber-risks companies face. Year after year threat actors continue to refine their methods and develop new strategies, and 82% of IT security professionals surveyed by ESG view cyber-risk as greater now than it was just two years ago. In this increasingly dangerous threat landscape, companies must be more resilient and agile than ever before. Businesses looking to protect their data and proprietary information should be placing cybersecurity at the top of their priority list, as even one slip-up can be costly.

In Rubrik’s ‘Delivering Agile Cyber-Resilient Capabilities,’ we’ll explore why it’s crucial for companies to have a strong, resilient, and agile cybersecurity platform to keep their data safe and operations running smoothly.

Topics for discussion include:

  1. What the current cyber-threat landscape looks like

  2. How detection and response mechanisms help keep companies secure

  3. The ways companies can leverage the cloud if their on-premise workloads are hit

  4. Where cloud-native security differs from on-premise security


Kev Johnson

Technical Architect, Rubrik


Vinny Choinski

Senior Analyst, IDG

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