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Enabling Successful Recovery from a Ransomware Attack

About This Webinar

While the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks vary considerably, the damage that can be done by a successful attack is invariably high. Attackers can gain access to a whole array of sensitive data, from client data to trade secrets.

Successfully defending against these attacks is the best case scenario, but even the best cybersecurity teams and programs can at times be circumvented. When this happens, it is paramount that companies are prepared for the recovery process. A thorough and effective recovery plan can minimize financial losses, reduce down time, and ensure damage to client trust is as small as possible.

In Rubrik’s ‘Enabling Successful Recovery from a Ransomware Attack,’ we’ll explore why it’s important for companies to be proactive in their recovery planning, and how they can take the steps necessary to do so.

Topics for discussion include:

  1. The current ransomware threat landscape

  2. Key elements to cyber-resilience.

  3. Important elements to have in a ransomware recovery playbook.

  4. Lessons from successful recovery efforts.


Mike Preston

Senior Development Advocate – Rubrik


Clarke Rodgers

Enterprise Security Strategist  – AWS


Vinny Choinski

Senior Analyst – IDG

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