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How I Rob Banks: And Other Such Places - an insider view from hacker FC

FC robs 1000s of financial institutions for a living, and here he shares why organisations today don’t understand what the crown jewels to their work environment really are - and how (he'll show you!) cyber criminals use that everyday to their advantage.

FC is a renowned ethical hacker and social engineer, as well as global keynote speaker and author. He has been working in the cyber security field for over 25 years and has helped thousands of banks, governments and other organisations advance their security. FC demystifies security with his expertise, humour, and passion. His book ‘How I rob banks’ was published in June 2023.

Watch this and learn about:

  • How quick, simple and effective cyber attacks can be

  • How to identify your threat vectors

  • Ways you can create a secure, safe environment

  • How to protect your business critical data


James Hughes, EMEA Enterprise CTO, Rubrik


FC, Ethical Hacker

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