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Modernize and Optimize Your Agency’s Operations With a Unified Security and Observability Platform

State and local governments possess a wealth of information on citizen activity and government operations, making them prime targets for cybercrime.

Complexity adds risk and additional security costs, putting organizations at a severe disadvantage against adversaries that are increasingly using automation, machine learning, social engineering and other modern tools to launch more sophisticated and potentially devastating attacks.

To fend off cybercriminals, you need to look beyond traditional methods. Together, Rubrik and Microsoft provide your organization with the necessary tools to secure your sensitive data and critical infrastructure all while removing complexity and costs without compromising security.

What You'll Learn

  1. Recover from Ransomware: Minimize business downtime with an immutable architecture, ML-driven detection, and instant recoveries.

  2. Accelerate Cloud Mobility: Fast-track your cloud journey with a cheaper bill. Archive to cloud, search the cloud, and protect your cloud environments.

  3. Simplify Data Operations: Free up 70-90% of your time spent on routine, administrative tasks with a policy-driven approach and built-in automation.

Featured Speakers


Joe Dabrowski Regional

Vice President, Rubrik


Ben Hammel

 Director of Strategy, Microsoft

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