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Stand up To Ransomware

About This Webinar

In a ransomware attack, every second counts and attacks are on the rise, especially in the public sector. Cyber criminals have invested in creating new, stealthier and virulent attacks. Every day, it seems there is a new report that a government agency or organization has been compromised and forced to pay a ransom. In many cases, payment doesn’t result in the return of data.

Effective protection from cyber attacks requires both end-to-end defenses and robust data recovery capabilities. Together, Microsoft and Rubrik provide an enterprise-class solution that not only protects your organization against ransomware, but also helps you confidently recover your data rapidly and at scale in case of attack. In this webinar, experts from Microsoft and Rubrik share their expertise and provide you with proven best practices to protect your organization’s most valuable asset–your data.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Why threat actors are targeting state & local government

  2. Critical capabilities needed to secure backups and ensure a recovery posture

  3. Components of a great recovery plan with customer stories and lessons learned

  4. Leveraging the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2022 grant to strengthen your cybersecurity posture


Joe Dabrowski

Joe Dabrowski

Regional Vice President, Rubrik

Ben Hammel

Ben Hammel

Director of Strategy, Microsoft

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