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Why Data Security Is the New Cybersecurity Priority

About This Webinar

We’re in a new era of data protection and data security. What we’ve experienced over the last 5 years is a changing threat landscape - and this change has had quite serious consequences for enterprise organisations of all sizes. The traditional approach to cybersecurity has been highly focused on making sure that we can keep the threats at bay, keep them out of our organisations, but this approach is failing - and it’s failing fast. The traditional cybersecurity tools must be augmented to ensure business continuity and resilience. There’s no time left to wait and see if the perimeter is getting breached - it’s a matter of when - and then, what do you do?

Tune in to this 30 min. fireside chat to hear Vileen Dhutia, VP RubrikX EMEA/APAC at Rubrik, and Brian McKenna, Regional EMEA Director Analyst Services at ESG, discuss how to approach data security as part of an overall cyber resilience strategy. 

Watch this and walk away with new wisdom on:

  • The 3 Eras of Data Security and What Created Them

  • Why Regulators are Placing Pressure on Cyber Resilience Capabilities

  • Typical Threats to Data Security and How to Overcome Them

  • How To Make Data Security an Integrated Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy


Vileen Dhutia

VP RubrikX EMEA/APAC at Rubrik


Brian McKenna

Regional EMEA Director Analyst Services at ESG


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