Is Your Organization Maximizing its Data Leverage?

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According to recent IDC research, organizations with modern and innovative data management strategies achieve 2x the profitability and 8x the growth rate compared to their peers.

Despite these advantages, over 45.7% of organizations are leaving significant revenue and productivity on the table due to data management deficiencies.

Where does your organization fall? Are you leveraging your data to its fullest potential? If not, what next steps should you take to modernize your data management and reap the full extent of benefits available?

Take the IDC Data Management Innovation Assessment to find out.

Upon your completion of the assessment, you will receive:

  1. A custom analysis of your innovation stage and placement among your peers.
  2. Essential guidance on how to modernize your approach to data management and gain greater data leverage.
  3. Insight into industry trends and trajectories.
  4. Access to the complete IDC analyst report with key research findings and critical recommendations.

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