Digital Transformation with Rubrik and Azure

Building a sturdy roadmap that encompasses your company’s people, process, and platform changes beats at the heart of digital transformation. The most successful companies are able to learn from their past triumphs while introducing the right balance of speed, risk, and innovation against the needs for stability and predictability needed for business critical applications. Leveraging a combination of Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management with Microsoft Azure can help accelerate the journey and by freeing up people to level up core services that earn market share. 

In this webinar, hear from Chris Wahl, Chief Technologist at Rubrik, and Karl Rautenstrauch, Sr. Manager, Azure Storage, at Microsoft, as they showcase the simple elegance and tight integration that exists between Rubrik and Microsoft. You’ll learn how this single platform can provide data protection for a myriad of applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, using policy-driven SLAs. Further, see how data you send into Microsoft Azure can be harnessed by Rubrik’s Cloud On technology to build on-demand virtual machines in the Azure region of your choice.


Presenter: Karl Rautenstrauch | Microsoft | Sr. Program Manager, Azure Storage Chris Wahl | Chief Technologist | Rubrik

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