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What Database Recovery Looks Like With Modern Data Protection

We can all agree that when it comes to backup and recovery, recovery is king. There is no question that backups are crucial, but after all the reason you backup your data in the first place is so that you can recover it at some point in the future in case of a catastrophe. And for that reason, when most people think about recovery, they think about it in the context of that rare occasion when you need to recover a production environment, and rightfully so.

What is lesser known is that modern data protection is providing teams with instant self-service access to their data. This control is powering everyday recovery scenarios that are enabling organizations to do more with their backup data, going beyond backup and recovery. Whether you are supporting compliance requests, refreshing test/dev, validating backups, or streamlining the recovery of production environments, modern data protection can help you operationalize your data in new ways.

Join us to explore what recovery really means with modern data protection and what it can mean for your business!

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