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NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment Contract

About NASPO ValuePoint

NASPO ValuePoint is a cooperative purchasing program facilitating public procurement solicitations and agreements using a lead-state model.  NASPO ValuePoint provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting. By leveraging the leadership and expertise of all states and the purchasing power of their public entities, NASPO ValuePoint delivers the highest valued, reliable and competitively sourced contracts - offering public entities outstanding prices.

NASPO is a non-profit association dedicated to strengthening the procurement community through education, research, and communication. It is made up of the directors of the central purchasing offices of the 50 states, District of Columbia and territories of the United States. The NASPO purchasing officials provide leadership for professional public purchasing, improve the quality of purchasing and procurement, exchange information, and cooperate to attain greater efficiency and economy.


All states, the District of Columbia, and US Territories are eligible to use NASPO ValuePoint contracts. Within each state, the State Procurement Official determines if his/her state iseligible.

Each state determines, in accordance with its own state statutes, whether it will use each NASPO ValuePoint contract and which entities within their state may use each NASPO ValuePoint contract, including state agencies, higher education institutions and political subdivisions. In some states non-profit organizations are eligible.

Participation Process

Participating Addendums are executed between a participating entity and the contractor. The Participating Addendum is a contractual document that binds the contractor and the participating entity to the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement. Participating entities have the flexibility of negotiating additional terms and conditions to meet the unique needs of their state. Negotiation of the Participating Addendum is between the participating entity and the contractor.  

Rubrik’s NASPO ValuePoint Contract for Computer Equipment:

Current Participating Addendums:  Minnesota, State A, State B, State C.  If you are interested in signing a participating addendum with Rubrik, please contact us at

Designated Baseline Price List/Product and Service Schedule

Specifications, Pricing and Configuration: Please contact your local Rubrik sales representative, or email

Service Options: Rubrik offers a broad range of product support services through our Professional Services Organization. We always suggest a customer engage their local Rubrik Account Executive to get a comprehensive assessment of needed services along with statements of work and pricing.

Order Placement and Billing Concerns:  Orders are placed through Rubrik’s reseller partners, find a current list here.

Support Issues may be Submitted through our Support Portal

Signed Master Agreement (link back to NASPO award page)

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates

Rubrik Points of Contact:

General NASPO Contract Inquiries:
Laine Cavazos
National SLED Practice Manager

Participating States Contacts:

Andrew Soderquist
Account Executive