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Take the Uncertainty Out of Ransomware Recovery

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Winter Release Opening Keynote

Standing up to ransomware comes down to having confidence and speed. Join the Rubrik Winter Release event to learn how Rubrik is taking the uncertainty out of ransomware recovery, giving customers the power to secure their data, monitor data risk, and rapidly recover data wherever it lives–across the enterprise, in the cloud, and in SaaS applications. 

Winter Release Breakout Sessions

Prove Your Cyber Recovery Readiness: New Product Introduction

As cyberattacks grow in both number and sophistication, corporate executives are asking: “Are we sufficiently prepared to respond to a large-scale cyberattack?” Hear about a brand-new Rubrik data remediation tool that orchestrates cyber recovery workflows in an isolated environment. See how you can quickly validate applications recovery and proactively enhance your cyber preparedness.

Reduce Cyber Risk and Investigate Threats Faster With Data Observability

Cyber preparedness and response time can suffer from lack of visibility into data risks. Join us to learn how to continuously monitor your data for ransomware, manage sensitive data exposure, and prevent malware reinfection. With the latest enhancements, you’ll also learn how Rubrik secures your data in high-risk, cloud-based workloads and further streamlines incident response.

Accelerate and Enrich Threat Investigations with Rubrik and Microsoft

In an attack scenario, what if you could combine Rubrik and Microsoft insights to better understand what data was affected and when? In this session, see how our brand new Rubrik innovation works with a popular Microsoft tool to facilitate better IT and SecOps collaboration and help you respond to cyber attacks even faster.

Achieve Data Resilience: Enterprise Data Protection for Core Workloads

In the face of prevailing cybercrimes, enterprise data protection needs to rapidly evolve. In this session, we will cover the latest data resilience enhancements across on-premises and cloud workloads—Oracle, VMware, SAP HANA, Kubernetes, and more—designed to ensure the availability of your data and applications for cyber resiliency and business continuity.

Are You Confident Your Microsoft 365 Data is Recoverable?

With Microsoft 365 a prime target for cyberattacks, even Microsoft recommends third-party backup as the first step of ransomware recovery. Join us to see how Rubrik protection maximizes your Microsoft 365 data security and recoverability. Plus, learn how to rapidly recover large environments and gain more control over your data protection with the latest advancements in privacy and data segmentation.

Simplify Data Risk Management with Rubrik Data Security Command Center

With cybercrime increasingly rampant, businesses are finding it hard to know whether their data is fully secure, if they are implementing the best security practices, and if they are prepared to recover post-attack. Rubrik Data Security Command Center tackles complex data risk management with a continuous and automated approach. Learn how actionable analytics can help you more proactively uncover security gaps, reduce data risk, and strengthen your security posture.

Secure All Your Data on a Zero Trust Data Security Platform

Businesses we rely on are getting hit by ransomware. From the largest bank to the smallest school, no organization is safe. To maintain business continuity, you need to protect all your data, monitor data risk, and quickly recover your data, wherever it lives—enterprise, cloud, and SaaS. In this session, learn how Rubrik Security Cloud can enable Zero Trust Data Security to achieve business resilience against cyberattacks.