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Tamper-proof Backups

Is your backup data safeguarded from malicious encryption and deletion?

Why is this important?

Ransomware attacks target backups in order to delete or encrypt data, limiting your ability to recover. Immutable backups ensure your data cannot be altered so it is always available for recovery.

Isolated backups

Can your backup data only be accessed via proprietary storage protocols to protect it from attackers?

Why is this important?

Attackers will routinely discover backup systems that are accessible via standard protocols, and attempt to eliminate your last line of defense. Using proprietary protocols prevents backups from being discoverable or accessible to bad actors.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Is your backup data secured with multi-factor authentication?

Why is this important?

Compromised credentials are often used by attackers to gain unauthorized access to your backup system. Multi-factor authentication helps prevent intrusion when credentials are compromised.

Ransomware Investigation

Can you quickly assess which data files have been maliciously encrypted as part of a ransomware attack?

Why is this important?

Determining what files have been impacted during an attack (i.e., blast radius) is time intensive and can dramatically prolong recovery. Knowing what data was encrypted, and where it resides, can speed recovery operations.

Data Classification

Do you know where all of your sensitive data resides?

Why is this important?

Beyond encrypting your data, attackers will also threaten to exfiltrate your data. Understanding what sensitive data you have and where it resides will not only help you protect it better but will help you determine if it was exposed during an attack.

Incident Containment

Can you hunt for malware that has infiltrated your backup data?

Why is this important?

Using backups to recover from ransomware means finding the last known clean copy. Without the ability to detect ransomware threats in backup data, there is an increased risk of re-infecting the environment after initial recovery.

Recovery Performance

Can you rapidly recover your data and applications after a ransomware attack?

Why is this important?

The ability to rapidly recover your data after an attack can be the difference between a catastrophe or an inconvenience. The faster you can recover the data you need, the more downtime costs and data loss you can prevent.