Discover and Contain

When ransomware attacks happen, it’s essential to respond quickly.  But identifying what systems were first affected and when can be challenging.  Incident Containment analyzes backup snapshots to surface insights that help avoid malware reinfection during recovery.

Scan For Threats

Scan backups using patterns, hashes, and rules for indicators of compromise.

Identify Recovery Points

Analyze backups to pinpoint clean uninfected snapshots.

Avoid Malware Reinfection

Leverage insights to quickly recover with less risk of re-introducing malware.

How to Develop a Ransomware Remediation Plan

Backups are among the most important defenses against ransomware. Download this ebook and begin building your ransomware remediation plan to achieve cyber resilience.

Cyber Threat Hunting


Scan backups using file patterns, file hashes, and YARA rules to look for any indicators of compromise across all objects in the backup.

Time-Based Insights


Analyze a time series history of backup snapshots to pinpoint a potentially clean snapshot. 

Insights For Investigations


Leverage insights from IoC scans to provide evidence during internal and external cyber investigations.

Prepare & Recover from Ransomware with Rubrik

This guide explains Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security and how its built-in capabilities make protected data immune to ransomware. You'll also learn about deployment best practices that make it even tougher for cyber criminals to attack.