Data security talks-EMEA
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Defending Europe’s Data from Cyber Threats

Inside the World of 2022 Cyber Warfare, by Misha Glenny

Few people know global organised cybercrime quite like Misha Glenny. From interviewing mafia bosses and cybercrime gangs to authoring McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld, Misha Glenny is an expert on the subject and will presents his insights on today’s cybercrime landscape based on the current socio-political context.

CISO Perspective: The Best Offense is a Strong Defense, by Michael Mestrovich

Why today’s ever-evolving cyber landscape requires a new approach and why just focusing on infrastructure security is not enough.

Close Brothers: The Role of IT in Defending Enterprise Data, by Steve Pitcher

Learn strategies, guidelines and different approaches they are taking to prevail in the event of a cyber attack.

Former MI6 Chief: The Key Players Shaping The Cyber Security World, by Sir John Scarlett

Sir John Scarlett served as Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6) from 2004 to 2009. He will offer the audiences a personal look at the state of the world today and the geopolitical issues about which audiences should be “in the know.” How vulnerable is our infrastructure to cyber attack and what should we do about it?

Microsoft x Rubrik: Building an End-To-End Defense

Why a new approach is needed to protect against ransomware and ever-evolving cybercrime, and why it’s critical to combine detection, prevention and recovery. Speakers will touch on the power of strategic cybersecurity partnerships, like Microsoft and Rubirk, and the combined value customers can gain.