Your data is your most valuable asset but it’s also your most vulnerable. Cyber attacks have become a matter of when, not if. Unstoppable: Conversations About Data Security delves into the latest trends across the threat landscape and shares tips on how organizations can leverage an “assume breach” mindset to be better equipped to recover from a cyber attack from the world’s leading experts and voices.


Ep. 1: Why Defense Wins Games

Sports & Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry and one that captures millions of eyeballs and provides joy to people all over the world. Sports clubs, in particular, are high-profile cyber targets with titles, trophies, and reputations always at stake. It’s why their IT leaders are running offensive and defensive plays to ensure cyber resilience for team operations and facilities year-round.

In the premier episode of Unstoppable: Conversations About Data Security,
hear from the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks SVP and CITO, Kim Rometo, and the NFL’s
Denver Broncos SVP and CIO, Russ Trainor, on the future of data security in
sports and entertainment and how they are applying an “assume breach”
mentality to keep their clubs and venues resilient in the face of cyber