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Radically Simplified Data Management

Federal agencies modernise and automate backup and recovery, while easily extending data management to the cloud and protecting data assets from compromise. We’ll help you implement a Cloud Smart approach to data management that eliminates legacy complexity, so you can focus on the mission instead.


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Product Overview

A Modern Approach to Backup & Recovery

Our unique approach to data protection helps agencies protect and secure their data across data center and cloud, and in the most austere conditions.

  1. Drive automation and self-service with an API-first approach. 

  2. Recover instantly with near-zero RTOs by eliminating the “data commute” time.

  3. Deploy quickly, just like a US military unit that deployed Rubrik across 40 sites in 2 months.
  4. Search across data center, edge and cloud with instant predictive search.

Built For The Cloud Era

A Smart Cloud Strategy with a Cheaper Bill

We deliver a cloud-native approach optimised for cost. 

Archive securely to the cloud and use automated lifecycle management to lower cloud costs. Use predictive search to granularly locate cloud data and eliminate unnecessary egress costs. 

For your cloud services, use Rubrik to provide radically simple policy-based protection and a unified view across data center, edge, and cloud.

Analyst Report

Detect, Protect, Recover: How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware

See Gartner recommendations for capabilities to look for in a modern backup solution.


How It Works

Next-Gen Data Management for Government

Get Rubrik up and running quickly by deploying a ready-to-go appliance in the data center or software at the edge or in the cloud. Use a declarative SLA policy engine to eliminate hundreds to thousands of backup jobs – craft a SLA policy to meet your RTOs, RPOs, archival, and retention goals, map to your applications and data, and Rubrik does the rest. Since Rubrik is built on an API-first platform, customers can integrate backup into their existing automation tools and systems – from service catalogs to configuration.



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