Data Encryption in the Cloud

A Practical Guide to Cloud Data Encryption

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Data Encryption

Ken Hui, a Technical Marketing Engineer, covers the basics of encryption 101, in addition to covering advanced topics from key generation, to leak mitigation, and secret key encryption. Below you’ll get a brief overview of the following areas.

Prerequisites of Data Confidentiality

Prerequisites of Data Confidentiality

Encryption in Public Clouds

Why Cloud Data Encryption Matters?

In recent years, you have likely heard the term data encryption come up in conversation more frequently. As an ever-growing amount of our data becomes digital, the need for proper encryption has become increasingly important.

The integration of digital technology into all areas of business has resulted in more of our data being stored on computers and websites targeted by hackers. This has significantly increased the number of data breaches occurring, put encryption into the public spotlight, and heightened organizations’ vulnerability to malware attacks. For numerous reasons, like misconfigured storage repositories and unpatched vulnerabilities, this trend is likely to continue. Data encryption interest, products, and research are all on the rise due to these aforementioned factors.


Encryption & Public Cloud

The meteoric rise of the public cloud has compounded the need for proper data encryption, as data security requires new knowledge and skill sets in short supply, often leading to misconfigured and insecure solutions. Companies need to adopt the approach that every piece of data in their possession, on-premises or in the cloud, must be encrypted to protect confidentiality in the event of a security breach.

Practices to Mitigate Leaks

There are many practices to mitigate data leaks including adherence to data confidentiality guidelines, key management, understanding how data encryption works in each of the top tier public clouds, discussion of what the CIA triad means for data encryption, symmetric or secret key encryption, envelope encryption, and other unique encryption methods specific to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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The Ultimate Guide to Data Encryption in the Cloud


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data encryption in the cloud?

Data encryption in the cloud is the process of encrypting data as it is uploaded to the cloud, securely storing the data, then decrypting it when requested by users at a later time.

What encryption is used for cloud storage?

A variety of encryption methods are used for cloud storage including HTTPS and SSL during transfer and encrypted storage.

Does cloud storage encrypt data?

Rubrik cloud storage and backups automatically encrypt data but not all backup providers use encrypted backups.