Rubrik Subprocessors

This list identifies subprocessors that are authorized to process customer data as part of a Rubrik service. All subprocessors have gone through a data privacy assessment to determine the type of service they will provide, the associated processing activity and type of customer data that the subprocessor will be authorized to process. The list below does not apply to services that Rubrik provides on an evaluation basis, as a proof of concept or to any services that have not been commercially released.

The following subprocessors may be used by Rubrik to: (i) provide technologies used by Rubrik to deliver services; (ii) provide customers with support associated with the services; (iii) provide an ancillary service to help support, operate and maintain a Rubrik service; or (iv) otherwise process customer data in connection with the provision of Rubrik services.

Subprocessor Description of Services Location of Processing How Used
Amazon Web Services Used for cloud infrastructure services to support Rubrik's delivery of products and services, such as facilitating support file transfers, logs, etc. USA and Germany (Frankfurt) Services
Atlassian (JIRA) Ticketing system to track Customer reported bugs and enhancements. USA Customer Support
Auth0 Used to provide authentication services for Rubrik's Polaris Platform. USA Services
ExaVault FTP services enabling customers to share large files with Rubrik. USA Customer Support
Google (Google Cloud Platform) Used for cloud infrastructure services to support Rubrik's delivery of products and services. USA, Belgium, Switzerland and in Australia Services Used to collect service and application logs related to Rubrik products and services. USA and the Netherlands Services
Microsoft (Azure)* Used for cloud infrastructure and hosting services to support Rubrik’s delivery of products and services. Global Services
Salesforce (Service Console) Used as a customer support ticketing and case management platform. USA Customer Support
Splunk (SignalFX) Used for collection, aggregation, and measurement of product metrics and statistics. USA Services
Snowflake Big data framework used for analytics. USA Ancillary Services

*During deployment, Customer may select from the following regions: [USA, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Japan].