Introduction to Rubrik Laminar

Join our live demo hosted by Jerry Rijnbeek to see Rubrik Laminar’s data security platform in action.

In a cloud-first world, traditional security methods will fail. This is because traditional security risks were largely an “outside-in” challenge: hackers, phishers, script-kids and so on. In the cloud, there’s a new kind of “inside-out” security risk: legitimate internal actors who unintentionally create risk as a by-product of their daily work. 

This is an invisible, urgent issue for cloud-first companies everywhere. Cloud data is too distributed and dynamic to protect using the perimeter controls of the past. 

Rubrik Laminar's agile data security platform for multi-cloud features a powerful, cloud-native discovery and classification engine, ensuring you have visibility into all data assets stored within your ecosystem. Rubrik Laminar’s easy-to-digest dashboard displays these insights, with both granular and high-level details, to inform important security, governance, and privacy functions.

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This Demo Will Show How Rubrik Laminar:


Reduces your attack surface for ransomware by applying policies on data security posture

Gives you visibility of your sensitive data across the AWS, Azure, GCP and SAAS landscape

Improves efficiency across your cloud and operating expenses

Instantly identifies threats to your sensitive data in the cloud

Minimises the risk of double extortion