Unified Data Protection and Security for Jira Cloud

Avoid productivity loss and minimise business disruption with secure, automated backups for your mission-critical Atlassian data.

Many organisations today rely upon Jira Cloud as a driving force behind their business operations for everything from product release requirements to agile software development.

Operational outages caused by human error or security incidents, such as data deletion or encryption, are stressful events any organisation. Especially in the age of cyberattacks and malicious behaviour such as ransomware, protecting and securing the underlying data is a critical aspect whether an organisation has already adopted, or is looking to adopt Jira Cloud.

By having simplified recovery workflows, and flexible recovery options, IT can effectively mitigate the impact of such events. For complex systems such as Jira Cloud, this means the ability to effectively leverage metadata is a ket attribute od a data protection solution.

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Learn how Rubrik for Jira Cloud can help you :


Manage data risk with unified visibility and control.

Ensure business continuity with secure, logically air gapped protection, a single tenant design, credential isolation, and encryption in-flight and at-rest.

Restore the right data from the right point in time. Recover your data both granularly and in bulk with flexible restore options.

Automate backup job scheduling with multiple daily backups. Set backup frequency and retention according to your needs.

Meet the demands of your growing environment.