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High Stakes for Healthcare: Stay Safe for Epic on Azure with Rubrik

Discover how you can rapidly recover from a cyber attack with natively immutable backups and avoid malware reinfection. Join us for this to learn how Rubrik and Microsoft enable Cyber Resilience for Epic on Azure.

Healthcare is the most targeted industry for cyber criminals where the stakes are especially high. Healthcare organizations today collect, store and share more sensitive patient data than ever before due to growing populations, healthcare consumerization and evolving medical tools for clinician mobility and remote patient monitoring. Disruptions from cybersecurity attacks impact business operations, complicate time sensitive patient care and potentially halt medical procedures and treatments.

Quickly re-enabling patient care and operational deliverables, while identifying points of compromise to understand what data was encrypted in the event of an attack.

Strengthening your cyber defense with the ability to detect cyber threats, determine attack scope, and reduce sensitive data exposure risk.

Helping meet cyber insurance requirements with a zero trust architecture and prove that your growing hospital, lab, or research facility is prepared to be cyber resilient.

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