Perceptions of Cloud Computing in Government

Digital transformation is happening at a rapidly increasing speed, and government agencies in order to keep pace, are working hard to evolve.

Government technology leaders understand and recognise that building a viable Cloud infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand requires the support of industry, however the barriers that the public sector face in realising their Cloud aspirations are ever present.

The Australian government sector is a significant user of the public Cloud and in 2018 they spent almost $A1 billion ($US702 million) in this area - accounting for 23% of total public Cloud spending in Australia, according to a Deloitte Access Economics report ‘Harnessing public cloud opportunities in the government sector’.

In this report - Which-50 Media interviewed technology leaders across Australia and New Zealand, asking them questions concerning government guidance and policy related to Cloud services, including their view of Cloud generally, their current posture to Cloud computing, and their perceptions of non-technical managers - we delve into this and a lot more.

Download the full report now to learn about:

  • Seven principles of the Digital Transformation Agency’s Secure Cloud Strategy framework

  • The barriers for government agencies in realising their Cloud aspirations

  • Opportunities and challenges facing industry

  • Priorities for government agencies in transitioning to the Cloud as well as their key concerns including capability and skills requirements, risk management, and security

  • Exploring the benefits of a Cloud-first approach with more security, greater agility, and ease of deployment

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