Solving the Unstructured Data Challenge

You likely already know the three Vs of data: variety, velocity, and volume. In this ebook, we’ll explore the forgotten fourth V: value. We’ll go through five key steps to building a resilient unstructured data strategy. And we’ll talk about how Rubrik and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you manage and protect your unstructured data.

This eBook details five key steps to building a resilient unstructured data strategy.

Rubrik + AWS

  1. Streamline petabyte-scale NAS data protection with 10x performance over legacy NDMP

  2. Ensure the security of all file data stored on any file system and accessed through any NAS protocol

  3. Enable users to write data either to on-premises NFS or Amazon S3 targets within a matter of minutes

  4. Leverage Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering, which optimizes data storage based on frequency of access

  5. Determine the scope of cyber attacks using machine learning to detect deletions, modifications, and encryptions for optimal cyber threat investigation

solving unstructured data


Learn how Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct can modernize and manage NAS data protection at petabyte-scale.

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