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Delivering Simple, Secure, and Scale-Out Infrastructure

If you're considering datacenter simplification via hyperconverged architectures or just want to get up to speed on current trends, join us for this webinar hosted by Nutanix and Rubrik, featuring a guest speaker from Forrester Research, Senior Analyst Naveen Chhabra, to get:

  • Forrester’s take on the converged architecture landscape: what are the hot topics you need to know about?
  • A quick introduction to from Nutanix and Rubrik on their joint solution:
    • How to create an efficient and automated data center
    • How using an “invisible” hyperconverged infrastructure layer helps drive operational efficiency 
    • Why policy-driven solutions are critical
    • Why orchestrated workflows via RESTful APIs are the key to success
  • Stories from the data center as told by Steve Bunch -  Nutanix SE who’s deployed both Nutanix and Rubrik into production as a former customer of both vendors.

Featured Speakers:

  • Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Steve Bunch, Sales Engineer at Nutanix
  • Andrew Miller, Technical Marketing Manager at Rubrik

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