Rubrik On-Demand Webinar Featuring Forrester

Breaking from Tradition: The Importance of Modern Architecture in Defending Against Ransomware

As ransomware grows more sophisticated, it’s increasingly important that the technologies built to combat ransomware respond in kind. Organizations are discovering too late that traditional architecture cannot effectively prevent against a virus and make recovery more challenging following an attack. 

Tune in for a discussion on ransomware prevention and recovery featuring guest speaker, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Naveen Chhabra, and Rubrik’s Chief Technologist, Chris Wahl. They’ll cover: 

  1. The ever-evolving challenges facing organizations hit by ransomware.
  2. Technology recommendations and best practices for ransomware prevention and recovery.
  3. How modern backup solutions safeguard backups against corruption and deletion.


  • Naveen Chhabra | Featured Speaker | Senior Analyst | Forrester Research
  • Chris Wahl | Chief Technologist | Rubrik

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