On-Demand Webinar

Modern Cloud Data Protection with eGroup, Microsoft, & Rubrik

Organizations today are in the process of evaluating or adopting cloud strategies and have fundamental questions around the economics of public cloud solutions. To help, Microsoft, Rubrik, and eGroup have partnered to deliver a fully funded Cloud Backup Assessment that supports businesses looking to protect critical data in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Watch this on-demand webinar on developing a modern cloud data protection strategy to learn how:

  1. Rubrik can simplify your backup and recovery with a single solution to protect and manage all of your data on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud.
  2. Microsoft Azure can provide secure, cost-effective, and infinitely scalable resources for production use, data archival, and disaster recovery.
  3. Your business can streamline compliance with global alerting, reporting, and monitoring, and can protect your data from cybersecurity threats.
  4. You can accurately budget, predict and manage cloud costs today and into the future.

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